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Elias wins the right to enter the Elimination Chamber match last


Criticize General Manager Kurt Angle if you will, but tonight (Feb. 5) on Raw he gave the crowd a main event with stakes. In triple threat match between John Cena, Braun Strowman and Elias, Angle hung a carrot out for the three men who qualified for the Elimination Chamber last week.

The winner of the triple threat main event would enter the Chamber last on Sunday Feb. 25.

In the early going, Cena tried and failed to attack Strowman while Elias mostly ran from The Monster Among Men.

In a no rules fight, Strowman dominated the match until Elias and Cena realized they needed to team up to get anywhere. After knocking the Monster to the outside, Elias unloaded on him with an acoustic guitar then Cena hit an AA on Strowman right onto the steel steps.

Moments after their alliance, Elias turned on Cena and then went for multiple failed pin falls.

The match would turn in Elias’ favor when Strowman pounced back into the match to power slam Cena nearly through the mat. Before The Monster Among Men could go for the cover, he was tossed back outside by Elias.

The Drifter quickly took advantage and pinned John Cena for the 1-2-3.

Of course after the match Braun Strowman laid out both Elias and John Cena with half a dozen running power slams apiece for each man; Monster justice at it’s finest.

Will Strowman and Elias meet again inside the Chamber?

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