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IC champion The Miz wins his way into the Elimination Chamber match

With four spots already secured, The Miz and Apollo Crews tonight (Feb. 5) battled for the fifth spot in the Raw Elimination Chamber match.

Fresh off a huge win over Roman Reigns, The Miz explained why the current Intercontinental champion wanted a crack at the Universal championship if he won the Chamber match.

Fighting for his biggest opportunity on the main roster, Crews rose to the occasion early on in the match.

A standing shooting star press got Crews his cloesest two count. Crews then reversed a Skull Crushing Finale into a roll-up that nearly got a three count and the upset.

After ramming Apollo Crews into the turnbuckle, The Miz landed his second Skull Crushing Finale attempt and picked up the victory.

Is the Hollywood A-Lister now a dark horse candidate to win the Chamber match?

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