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Jason Jordan costs Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns title match vs. The Bar

That’s what friends are for. Tonight (Feb. 5) on Raw, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defined friendship.

After GM Kurt Angle declared that Rollins and Jason Jordan would get one final shot at the Raw tag team champions The Bar, Jordan said WWE doctors would not clear him for the match. Due to Jordan’s general social awkwardness, he waited until the duo were about to walk out to tell Rollins.

Have no fear because Reigns was there for the save.

Having already competed earlier in the night versus Bray Wyatt, the story of the match became Reigns being isolated and fatigued during the title contest.

When Reigns was finally able to make the hot tag to Rollins, Jordan made his way out from the back to stand ringside. Jordan would go on to grab the leg of Cesaro and nearly got Rollins a three count in the process. Following the near fall, Reigns and Jordan began to argue on the outside.

Before the match could come to a proper conclusion, Jason Jordan got Reigns and Rollins disqualified. While Cesaro and Sheamus attempted to leave the ring and head to the back, Jordan cut them off. Jordan punched out Cesaro (and Sheamus) in clear view of the referee and cost Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns the match.

Does Jordan ever do anything right? Is Jordan the worst?

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