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Roman Reigns downs Bray Wyatt, advances to Elimination Chamber match


Anyone but you Roman except tonight (Feb. 5) on Raw. To open up Monday Night Raw, the WWE skipped their usual long in-ring promo and gave us a pair of brief 30 second backstage speeches from both Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.

After their promos, Wyatt and Reigns each walked out to the ring and for the first time in awhile Raw started with a wrestling match.

Reigniting a 2015 feud between the men, Wyatt and Reigns did not miss a beat in their rivalry.

Despite being the underdog to The Big Dog, Wyatt jumped out to the early lead. At one point the crowd even chanted Wyatt’s name with hopes he could pull the upset.

Off a blocked spear attempt from a front kick, Wyatt hit Reigns with a Sister Abigail in the center of the ring but was left with only a two count for his troubles. Moments later Reigns would reverse another Sister Abigail try into a brutal spear that flattened Wyatt.

Roman Reigns got the three count and becomes the fourth man to advance to the Raw Elimination Chamber match.

Can anyone in the Elimination Chamber stop Roman Reigns’ road WrestleMania?

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