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What you talking about, Boss?

Many fans have wanted Sasha Banks to ditch the fan friendly attitude she’s displayed since Team B.A.D. dissolved at the end of WWE’s Divas Revolution and return to her heel Boss persona... pretty much since she went babyface back in 2016.

There have been teases ever since. But after eliminating Bayley as part of her Iron Woman (and Dumbest Ass) run through the Royal Rumble on Sunday, Jan. 28, Banks also showed a lot of edge in setting up and working a match against Asuka on Raw the next night.

Is The Baddest Woman in WWE back?


I mean, you have to disregard the tear-jerker, out-of-kayfabe video with Vickie Guerrero, of course, but I think it might be happening.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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