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Corey Graves responds to Booker T’s threat with a philosophy quote

In case you missed it, Booker T got on his radio show/podcast this weekend to say he lost his job as one of Raw’s announcers because WWE officials were worried he might hurt Corey Graves due to all the crap Graves gave him on the show. What’s more, the WWE Hall of Famer said he still might hurt the former NXT wrestler should he run into him somewhere unrelated to their work at the company. Read exactly what Book said here.

Graves has responded. And in case you don’t think the quote he tweeted from the ancient Chinese military strategy and philosophy classic The Art of War earlier today (Feb. 5) is a response to the situation, he makes it clear that it is:

Which isn’t going to help him with Booker fans who think the “college educated young man” is prone to showing off his “vernacular”. And using a saying about warfare won’t quell talk of there being real heat (and could even fan the flames by planting the idea Graves may have politicked to have his rival removed from the job).

But if you’re gonna acknowledge it at all... it’s a good quote.

Let the debate continue.

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