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Here’s Cody Rhodes defending Vince McMahon

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue that Cody Rhodes decision to leave WWE and bet (or go “All In”, if you will) on himself hasn’t paid off.

He’s butted heads with his old employer a few times since leaving, usually over references to his father’s legacy or WWE’s use of Dusty’s many creations. He’s never been one to fully blame the company for his own issues while working there, however. And during a recent Twitter Q & A, when a fan asked Cody if he thinks Vince McMahon “holds back” talent from NXT when they’re promoted to the main roster, Rhodes went to bat for his old boss:

Seems like a good self-assessment from the Ring of Honor star, and something to think about the next time someone we believe a Superstar should be at the top isn’t getting treated they way we want them to be.


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