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Falcons/Niners/Colts fan Ric Flair picks Eagles to win Super Bowl 52

The Nature Boy was in Philadelphia this week for The Wing Bowl (a hot wing eating contest started by some Philly radio personalities that’s been around since the early 90s), and while he was there, he also showed off his proclivity for bandwagon-hoping when it comes to NFL teams.

The best part of this video from the station currently hosting the event is how at the very end. After the cheap pop promo that would make Mrs. Foley’s baby boy proud and his Super Bowl LII pick, Ric Flair proves he may be living a healthier lifestyle these days, but he’s still The Naitch, turning to the cheerleader beside him and asking, “What’s you name?”

His buddy Tom Brady is probably pissed. About the prediction, not the flirting. Long-time fiancée Wendy Barlow might be peeved about that, but she probably knows what’s she’s dealing with at this point.

There’s only one Ric Flair... WOO!

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