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Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania angle reportedly designed to look like a shoot, get Roman Reigns over as a babyface

Well, we knew the reports would come. It just took a little longer than usual.

The post on about Brock Lesnar not appearing as promoted for a face-to-face confrontation with his WrestleMania 34 opponent Roman Reigns still doesn’t claim to have all the answers. But it does have information from Dave Meltzer’s sources, along with some informed speculation - and it lines up with what a lot of fans are thinking. So it’s as good a place as any to pick up the conversation.

The goal for the overall program, The Observer was told, is to get Roman cheered as a babyface in New Orleans on April 8. WWE is apparently hoping to finally accomplish what they couldn’t in 2015 and have Reigns cheered as a conquering hero when he dethrones Lesnar at ‘Mania.

On the speculation front, Meltzer says “the most likely scenario” explaining Brock’s no show in Anaheim on Feb. 26 is that someone backstage realized it would put heat on the current Universal champion and give the Big Dog something to “shoot” on, so WWE got word to Lesnar and Paul Heyman telling them to not come to the show. The picture with Brock and Dana White from Sunday in Las Vegas is not mentioned as being part of the work, but could have obviously been an inspiration for Vince McMahon and his team while considering ways to push fans’ buttons. The report reiterates that Roman’s promo was fully scripted.

Monday night’s speech’s success in using Brock’s part-time status to get fan support behind Reigns is remarked upon, both in The Observer’s post and in an update to PWInsider’s earlier one on the subject. Mike Johnson at Insider adds to a list of possible reasons for Lesnar’s no show that “it could all be some out of the box worked storyline attempting to finally get Roman Reigns back over the hump with the vocal fan base that rejects him”.

Assuming this is all a storyline adjustment, will it continue to work now that they fans its aimed at have some confirmation its goal is the same one they’ve been rejecting for years?

Welcome back to the ‘Reality’ Era.

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