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A big name might be returning to Raw tonight (possible spoiler)

According to PWInsider, Kane is in Anaheim for Raw tonight (Feb. 26).

The Big Red Machine hasn’t been seen since his Last Man Standing match against Braun Strowman ended in a stetcher job on the Royal Rumble fallout show last month. Subsequent reports did indicate he dragged himself out of the medical center, however - likely to make sure he didn’t miss his scheduled appearance with his brother at a fundraiser for Glen Jacobs’ mayoral campaign in Knoxville (#KayfabeForever).

The report doesn’t specify whether or not Kane will appear on television, let alone if he’ll be participating in any of the angles leading to WrestleMania 34. Southern California isn’t exactly his neck of the woods, though, so unless he has other business in the area (See No Evil 3 pitch meeting?), he’s probably not backstage for other WWE business.

If he will be re-joining the on-screen story, there are a few places where WWE could use him. The fact Braun Strowman doesn’t have anything to do at ‘Mania has been a hot topic today, and Kane has history with The Monster Among Men and the name most linked to Strowman for New Orleans, Intercontinental champion, The Miz.

He could also be used as part of the set-up for whatever crazy scheme John Cena has cooked up to get on the WrestleMania card... maybe as a proxy for his big bro, The Undertaker.

Heck, maybe Director of Operations Kane will return to help Stephanie McMahon teach Ronda Rousey her place?

Join us at 8PM Eastern in the live blog to find out which, if any, of those paths WWE goes down with The Devil’s Favorite Demon.

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