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WWE Raw results, live blog (Feb. 26, 2018): Elimination Chamber fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 26, 2018) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, featuring the fallout show from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Nevada.

Advertised for tonight: Brock Lesnar is back, Ronda Rousey has some explaining to do, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Restart my life or self destruction to climb this wall of dark construction, holding the quest for freedom that beckons me. My sanity is all but gone, my patience is growing very weak. I need to get a hold of myself, so I might as well liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of the men’s Elimination Chamber match from last night.

Commentary then hypes up the face-to-face between Lesnar and Reigns before tossing to a video of Ronda Rousey’s contract signing from last night that conveniently edits out all of her talking to focus on the plot beats and her putting Triple H through a table.

Live in the arena, Alexa Bliss makes her entrance, flanked by Mickie James, as commentary recaps all the women’s happenings from last night.

Bliss gets on the mic and talks about what a historic moment that was, and how just when you thought it impossible she amazed herself. We have no idea how amazing it feels to know that she retained her title by winning the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. Not only did she defy the odds but she set the new standard and people will be talking about her victory for 50 years.

She says she’s not selfish and likes to give credit when it’s due, which brings her to Mickie. She showed the entire world why she’s a six-time women’s champion and future Hall of Famer, and she knows their friendship has been rough but she learned a lot from her and knows the rest of the women can as well. This brings the champion to the rest of her opponents, starting with the two Absolution women, who have a very bright future... just not while she’s champ.

Sasha Banks and Bayley, well, when it comes to Bayley she had some harsh words but she doesn’t want to be that kind of person... but she’s calling her a sad situation any. And then Banks, it came down to them and she capitalized on Sasha’s worst characteristic, her massive ego. This is her year and that’s why she’s going to WrestleMania, and she points at the sign and marks out a little at how she always wanted to do it.

But that feeling doesn’t compare to how she’s going to feel six weeks from now when she breaks Asuka’s streak. And speaking of break, Nia Jax left Asuka in a pile of wreckage, and she’ll regret winning that match because she cannot wait to finish the job.

Enter Asuka. Alexa asks if she’s kidding, since she’s not healthy and she’s not fooling anyone. She watched the match and thought that Nia would definitely be added to the WrestleMania match, where she deserves to be, but one tiny mishap and it was over. She tells Asuka in slow, simple words that she knows her English isn’t great, but her body language is saying different.

Bliss tells her to wipe the smile off her face before she does, and “she” turns out to be Nia Jax. Asuka lays Mickie and Alexa out but Jax freight trains her in the ring! Up for a powerbomb... ASUKA REVERSES TO A TRIANGLE CHOKE! James and Bliss attack again but Bayley and Sasha Banks make the save! They clear Mickie and Alexa out and Nia wipes them out with a double clothesline!

Alexa back in, she knocks Asuka out with an elbow strike!

Commentary informs us that John Cena will be appearing to address his path to WrestleMania, or lack thereof, later tonight, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and we have a match in progress!

Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, & Nia Jax vs. Asuka, Bayley, & Sasha Banks

James rolls Bayley over with a shoulder block, drop down, cartwheel, Hugger ducks a lariat and lands a slam for a two count. Mickie with a back elbow, headscissors takeover out of the corner, nearfall, tag to Jax. Headbutts to Bayley, body avalanche, tag to Bliss, right hand, she puts Bayley into the turnbuckles and puts boots to her before settling on a choke.

Referee Jason Ayers warns her off and Bayley’s able to turn it around, smashing her face over and over into the turnbuckles, snapmare into a cover, only good for two. Sliding elbow, again just a nearfall, front chancery and a hard tag from Sasha Banks. Schoolboy pin, only two, off the ropes with Meteora, no dice. Wristlock, Alexa throwing hands but Banks is able to drop toehold her and roll her into a crucifix pin for another nearfall.

Whip reversed, up and over to the apron, the Boss hits a knee and follows it up with the corner double knees, cover gets two and Bliss heads outside. Sasha hits a dropkick on both her and James but when she goes to roll the champ back inside Nia runs her over! Back inside, Alexa grinds her down with a chinlock and puts boots to her in the corner, sending Banks falling to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Nia has Banks locked down with a half nelson cobra clutch. Sasha gets away but Jax is right on her, putting her in the corner and landing a headbutt before choking her in the ropes. Tag to James, snapmare, off the ropes for a boot and a cover that gets two, following it up she grabs a half nelson reverse chinlock. The Boss struggles, Mickie lands a few knees and takes her to the corner to tag Bliss in.

Putting boots to Banks, standing on her back and stomping her face in, but the cover only gets two. Reverse chinlock applied, Banks to her feet, she slings Alexa away but gets clobbered with a lariat and Bliss cheapshots Asuka after. Straight suplex, both women down and out and reaching... Bayley hops off the apron and leaves the Boss high and dry!

Mickie legal, suplex denied, Banks with an O’Connor roll, she gets away and tags Asuka in! Asuka with a strike rush, duck a lariat, hip attack, she clears Jax off the apron but runs into a superkick. James charges out, knee to the face, chest kicks, off the ropes, incidental hip attack to Nia and the buzzsaw connects... ALEXA BREAKS IT UP!

Bayley in with a Bayley-to-Belly on Asuka, James going for the neckbreaker but Asuka reverses...

Asuka, Bayley, & Sasha Banks win by submission with a leg-trap cross armbar from Asuka on Mickie James.

After the match, Asuka stares down Alexa and the title.

Commentary tosses to a clip from John Cena’s interview on Raw Talk last night and we go to break.

Back from commercial, John Cena makes his entrance.

He pauses a long beat in the ring before speaking, and says he failed last night. In the moment of failure, he was immediately rushed into a room and thrown in front of a microphone, and he felt demoralized. That’s because failure is tough, and judging by the sound of the arena tonight, he can tell you go through failure alone. He said before a person’s character isn’t judged by success, it’s when you’re tested and your back is against the wall, and for him, that time is now.

He spent five minutes last night feeling sorry for himself before he started moving forward. His last words last night were that he’ll figure his Road to WrestleMania out. He thought it’d be the Royal Rumble, he failed, but he didn’t give up. He thought it’d be the Elimination Chamber, he failed, and for five minutes he thought it was over, and everybody can relate to this, and that’s why no other WWE Superstar will step into the ring and say out loud for everyone to hear, that he failed.

You can hear it at home because when say you failed, it’s your fault and you go through it alone. Failure gives you two choices, stay down or get up, and he’s getting up and he’s figured it out! He needs to stand in this ring and plain ol’ do something he should have done a long time ago, and that’s put out a WrestleMania challenge... TO THE UNDERTAKER!

Look at it, 39 WrestleManias between the two of them and they’ve never stood face-to-face on the grandest stage of them all. You want WrestleMania, that IS WrestleMania! And that match... is not happening. He doesn’t make the matches, and as obvious as it seems, he’s been told that match isn’t happening, because it’s impossible. Now we all understand his disappointment, and he’s in the getting up business.

So he’s here to say his Road to WrestleMania goes straight through SmackDown, as a free agent. He’s gonna head over tomorrow night, not to beg or get some pity handout, but to do whatever it takes to earn a spot at WrestleMania. He finishes by saying he’ll see us tomorrow night.

Commentary hypes up our face-to-face again and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a hype reel for tomorrow night’s Mixed Match Challenge.

Bray Wyatt makes his entrance for a match against Heath Slater but attacks before the bell!

Bray freight trains Rhyno off the apron and beats Slater down before hitting a Rock Bottom on the Man-Beast! He hangs back in the corner, vicious lariat into clubbing blows, he puls Heath out of the corner and dances with him before clutching him low and hitting Sister Abigail!

He gets on the mic and says Matt Hardy made him hurt those innocent men, he lead them to slaughter, and the Great War is far from over. He says Hardy will face him again, this time he’ll make sure his Woken eyes stay shut forever. He’s coming for Hardy. Run.

Miz is walking backstage when he runs into the Miztourage. We’re informed the A-Lister will find out his WrestleMania opponent, after the break.

Back from commercial we get another recap of Ronda Rousey’s contract signing, because Raw is three hours long.

The Miz makes his entrance, flanked by the Miztourage.

He gets on the mic and says we’re on the Road to WrestleMania and is skeptical about the show being in Anaheim when Los Angeles is so close. He could be trying to pitch his next movie to Michael Bay, but instead he’s stuck in a bonafide suburb where if you’re lucky you can stand in line long enough to take a picture with a guy dressed like Donald Duck.

But he’s not surprised, Kurt Angle takes his stars for granted, and in sixty-two days he’ll become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. In fact, the greatest, not Shawn Michaels, not Bret Hart, not Pedro Morales, not Edge, not Chris Jericho, not Roman Reigns, Miz, Miz, and more Miz. And as big a star as he is in the ring, he’s even bigger outside of it, the anchor of the Marine franchise, the star (along with his wife) of Miz & Mrs., and he repeats it demanding the crowd cheer for his new show this time, to mixed results.

All these accolades, he says, and he’s still treated like any other superstar, or even worse, since he doesn’t have any merchandise. He should be going to the main event of WrestleMania, and he’ll repeat that, he should be taking Brock Lesnar on one-on-one, to become the first man to hold both his title and the Universal Championship at the same time.

But Kurt Angle forced him to start the Elimination Chamber match with two men who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He handed Finn Balor and Seth Rollins an opportunity they didn’t deserve and he was punished for winning his qualifier? He doesn’t care what happens to the other guys in the Elimination Chamber, because he knows his WrestleMania dream lives on since he holds the Intercontinental Championship.

He wants us to take a good look at it and holds it high, declaring it the most prestigious title in all of WWE. And since he has this title, he walks into Kurt Angle’s office, he says “Kurt, I want to know what the Intercontinental Champion is doing at WrestleMania,” and he polls the crowd if they want to know the answer he got. Kurt told him his opponent tonight might determine who he faces at WrestleMania.

Miz is angry at the idea of “might” and says he’s been here for 12 years and if might is all he’s gonna get, whoever comes out is gonna get a beating and he doesn’t care who it is.

Enter Seth Rollins, and we go to break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell!

Seth Rollins vs. the Miz

Collar and elbow, Miz grabs a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, hip toss from Rollins, off the ropes, Penalty Kick but the A-Lister rolls away. Back to the lockup, forcing Seth into the corner, Miz breaks at referee Dan Engler’s behest but tries to get a forearm in! Rollins ducks, off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, arm drag denied, snapmare and this time the Penalty Kick connects and he follows it up by lariating Miz to the floor!

Looking for a suicide dive, the Miztourage get their man out of the way and the Architect heads out after. Miz misses on a charge and Rollins has him, putting him back in the ring, but Dallas runs interference and the A-Lister is able to clobber him to the floor. Facebuster into the barricade, back inside, cover’s only good for two and he begins laying overhead elbows in to set up a reverse chinlock.

Jawbreaker escape, whip reversed, knee lift to the midsection and Miz launches into the Daniel Bryan chest kicks. Duck the buzzsaw finale, schoolboy pin, only two. Miz runs into a chop, Seth keeps throwing them, backing him into the ropes, whip across, the A-Lister hangs onto the ropes and back body drops Rollins to the floor to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Miz and Rollins are slugging it out, punch for punch. The A-Lister gets a kick to the midsection off but Seth throws a couple chops into a rolling elbow, to the apron, springboard lariat, off the ropes, duck a lariat, Sling Blade connects! To the second, diving blockbuster, only good for two! Back up top, Miz moves away and is able to trip him up into the turnbuckles and connect with the basement DDT... NOPE!

Rollins pulls himself up the ropes but Miz is a little faster and hits the sequence of corner dropkicks into the Awesome Clothesline! Miz up top, Seth cuts him off, climbs up after him, thinking about the superplex but the A-Lister fights him off and knocks him down with a headbutt. Rollins right back in, superplex into the Falcon Arrow... NOT ENOUGH!

Miz is down and out, Seth beckons him to his feet, superkick, off the ropes, Axel runs interference, Miz looking for Skull Crushing Finale but Rollins rolls through into a victory roll for a nearfall! Jockeying for position, Seth clotheslines him over the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE ON ALL THREE MEN! Back in, ripcord knee strike finds home, the Architect climbs up top... FROG SPLASH ACROSS THE RING! IT’S OVER!

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with a Frog Splash.

Finn Balor interrupts Seth’s celebration and heads to the ring, but we go to break with Rollins leaving and without any real interaction between the two men.

Back from commercial... we have another match?

Finn Balor vs. the Miz

The Miztourage hit the ring and beat Finn down!

Finn Balor wins by disqualification.

They pick Balor up for Miz to hit his finish but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows make the save! They beat Dallas and Axel down at length but eventually Miz has Finn down and out and Kurt Angle comes over the tron, he bans all their allies from ringside and orders Balor and Miz restarted and says if there’s not a winner, Miz won’t be going to WrestleMania.

Finn Balor vs. the Miz

Miz right in with the basement DDT... NOT QUITE! Mounted punches, off the ropes with a boot to the face, only two and he dumps Balor to the floor. Headed around after him, Finn with chops and forearms, he passes Miz into the steel steps. Back inside, the A-Lister fights back to it with kicks, straight suplex, only good for two. Another nearfall, Finn fighting back with punches... MIZ HITS THE BUSAIKU KNEE KICK FOR TWO!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Miz has a reverse chinlock in, keeping Balor on the mat, but Finn is able to reverse to a jawbreaker. Right hand gets the Pele kick, both men slow to rise, Balor with boot up on a charge, a couple wicked elbows, double leg into a double stomp. Charging chop in the corner, whip across, Miz with the boot up but Finn hits a gamengiri and uses it to set the inverted headlock elbow drop up for a nearfall.

Sling Blade denied, Skull Crushing Finale reversed to a victory roll, Miz gets the inverted headlock backbreaker / neckbreaker combo off but can’t put Balor away. Finn busting out the chest kicks, Sick Kick as a finale, only a nearfall! The A-Lister heads to the floor, Balor stalks after him, shotgun dropkick puts Miz into the barricade and Finn brings it back to the ring.

Sling Blade hits this time, shotgun dropkick, headed up top...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with Coup de Grace.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage and says he doesn’t know what Finn was trying to prove beating a guy he just beat. You wanna prove you’re the man, you last 65 minutes in a gauntlet match like he did. Asked about his WrestleMania, he admits he came up short last night but says he’s learned there’s more than one Road to WrestleMania, and if history’s any indicator, he knows how to pave his way.

He wants the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, and he wants it at WrestleMania.

Commentary throws to Stephanie McMahon’s appearance on Raw Talk last night and we see Ronda Rousey talking with Kurt Angle backstage before we go to break.

Back from commercial, Roman Reigns makes his entrance.

He takes in the mildy hostile atmosphere a moment before beginning, saying he’s a man of his word. He said he was going to win the Elimination Chamber, and he did. So when he says he’s going to WrestleMania and he can beat Brock Lesnar, he’s telling the truth. The truth is a funny word, though, and he doesn’t know why he’s covering for this guy. You want to know the truth?

The truth is Brock Lesnar’s not here tonight. Up until about thirty minutes ago, he thought Brock was gonna be here, but something happened and he didn’t show. Nobody in the back will say this, but he will-- Brock Lesnar is an entitled piece of crap who hides behind his contract. Think about it, we’re six weeks before WrestleMania and the Universal Champion isn’t here.

Last night, he was in Las Vegas, but was he at Elimination Chamber? Nope, he was running up and down the strip taking photos with Dana White from UFC. Why? Because he doesn’t respect Roman, he doesn’t respect the fans, and he doesn’t respect anyone in the locker room and they’re sick of it. Every week they bust their ass and Brock just shows up when he wants, when the city’s right or the money’s right?

It doesn’t matter how big the city is, if Roman says he’ll be there, he’ll be there. Brock and Paul, they’ll come out here and say they’re businessmen, but guess what, he was born in this business. This business is his bloodline, and he was taught early that there’s a fine line between business and respect. He’ll say it right now, he doesn’t respect Brock Lesnar and he damn sure doesn’t fear that bitch.

He thinks he’s said enough and he’s gonna go to the back and take his ass-chewing like a man because unlike some people, he actually cares about and respects this place.

Braun Strowman gets a handcam promo about how he may not have won but he saved us all from Elias’ noise pollution, and tonight he’s gonna perform a Symphony of Destruction and have himself a smash hit.

Michael Cole introduces a Black History Month vignette, again returning to WWE’s visit to the National Civil Rights Museum.

The Bar make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial in time for Titus Worldwide’s entrance.

The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (c) vs. Titus Worldwide (Apollo & Titus O’Neil) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 2/3 Falls Match)

O’Neil and Cesaro to start but the Swiss Superman leaves the ring, Sheamus is legal...

The Bar win the first fall by pinfall with a Brogue Kick on Titus O’Neil, going 1-0.

The Bar celebrate like they just won the entire match as Apollo checks on his partner.

Apollo and Cesaro now, Crews clears Sheamus off the apron, crossbody off the second, schoolboy, inside cradle, wheelbarrow victory roll, and the Swiss Superman cuts off the pinfalls with a straight right. Sheamus tags in, whip across, up and over, handspring into a dropkick gets Apollo another quick cover. Armbar applied, tag to Titus and Sheamus begs off but O’Neil backs him in the corner.

Escape with a knee, Cesaro tagged in, Titus levels him with a shoulder block, O’Neil draws him up and clobbers him with overhand chops. Crews tags in, shoulder thrust in the corner, slam from Titus, off the ropes, big elbow drop but it’s only good for two. Right hand, tag back to O’Neil, double forearms knock Cesaro to the mat. Hard whip into the corner, Titus grabs a front facelock, tag to Crews.

Military press drop on the Swiss Superman! Into the standing moonsault, a gamengiri for Sheamus when Cesaro rolls to the floor, moonsault off the apron wipes them both out! And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Cesaro is desperately trying to block Apollo from making a tag. Crews gets some forearms off but Cesaro turns it into a whip, whereupon Apollo back body drops him to the floor! Tag to Sheamus, Crews can’t get himself going, Sheamus with a whip and Apollo manages to maneuver over and make the tag! Titus pounding on Sheamus in the corner, he biels him across, scoop World’s Strongest Slam and he’s fired up!

Stinger splash, he clears Cesaro from the apron, hooks him up, Dominator... NOPE! Apollo tags in, splash... NOT ENOUGH! Titus takes care of Cesaro again, Crews with a schoolboy, enzuigiri into the standing moonsault and Sheamus will not go down that easy! Cesaro pulls O’Neil off the apron, the Celtic Warrior runs him over and throws him into the barricade but Crews throws a dive into the crush!

Apollo up top, Cesaro runs interference and tags in. Up for the spike White Noise...

The Bar win the second fall by pinfall with the spike White Noise on Apollo, going 2-0 and retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

The Bar are interviewed and Sheamus says tonight they had Titus Worldwide’s number, and it was zero. Cesaro wants you to stop him if you’ve heard it before, “Two men walk into the Bar”, and that’s the entire joke. Just ask New Day or the Hardyz or the Shield, and not to forget about what they did to Jason Jordan. With WrestleMania season in full swing, everybody wants to be part of the show, but Sheamus thinks the two of them will be punished for being so dominant.

Who’s there to face if there’s no one left to beat? They don’t just set the bar, they are the Bar.

This is followed by the Hall of Fame announcement of Jarrius “JJ” Robertson getting the Warrior Award.

Commentary announces Braun Strowman vs. Elias and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Elias is in the ring to play us a song.

He does his schtick and says he wasn’t going to treat himself to a performance tonight, but then he heard Braun Strowman call his beautiful music “noise pollution”. He says Braun criticizes him because he wants to be him, we all saw it two weeks ago. What Braun did that night was noise pollution, every word that Corey Graves lets out of his stupid mouth is noise pollution, but his music is a gift.

Elias begins his song, which of course is dedicated to running Braun and the city of Anaheim down equally.


Braun Strowman makes his entrance, but the match will have to wait for after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell.

Braun Strowman vs. Elias

Circling, Elias keeping his distance, collar and elbow and Braun tosses him around! The Drifter drifts to the floor and Strowman waits patiently for him to return as referee Shawn Bennett counts. Back in, out, and around but Braun clobbers him with a lariat! Charging in, boot up, but the monster clobbers him to the mat a few times before landing a Stinger splash!

Short-arm lariat follows, pressing the attack, clubbing the Drifter chest-first to prone. He rolls under the apron but Braun is right on him, he manages to snap the monster’s neck over the ropes, diving double axehandle, off the ropes... and Strowman freight trains him. To the outside, throwing Samson into the barricade, across to the other barricade and back inside.

Elias drifts out the other side of the ring and crawls away, going under the ring to try and hide from the monster among men. Braun drags him out, Elias has a fire extinguisher and sprays it in his face!

Braun Strowman wins by disqualification.

Elias blasts him in the face some more and throws him into the ringpost while he’s blinded! Back inside the ring, he puts the body of the extinguisher into Braun’s stomach! But Strowman fights back anyway, goozle and a big right hand that sends the Drifter out of the ring! Wiping his eyes, the monster’s vision returns and he chases after the Drifter and catches him with a knee halfway up the ramp!

Braun drags Elias over towards the announce table and partially clears it but the Drifter gets away with a rake of the eyes and beats it, stage left! Strowman chases after him to the back. The camera follows, a limo pulls up and Elias gets away, leading Braun to inform him at the top of his lungs that he’s not finished with him and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary informs us that Asuka and Nia Jax will have a rematch next week.

(Behold, the king! The King of Kings! On your knees, dog.)

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their entrance. Stephanie McMahon says last night was supposed to be a celebration but things went horribly wrong thanks to Kurt Angle. He was hallucinating, saying things that didn’t make sense, and it turns out he had double pneumonia. Ronda Rousey believed what he said, understandably, and took action that might be fine in MMA but isn’t tolerated in WWE, and she throws to a video recap of the segment.

Steph says Ronda acted out of savage instinct as she was trained, and in order to relate to her, she had to speak her language, to get physical to remind her of the hierarchy here in WWE. She’s commissioner of Raw, and that means that Ronda now reports to her, which means WWE owns Ronda Rousey. So as a good manager, she wants to call everybody out and explain their roles and responsibilities so everyone knows their place and can move on.

It all starts with an apology from Kurt Angle, and she calls Kurt down.

She does not get Kurt Angle, because Ronda Rousey comes out.

Kurt Angle comes out right behind her asking her to stop as McMahon and Hearst-Helmsly head for the hills. He wants to tell her one thing, that coming to WWE is the best decision she ever made. Ronda says she meant everything that she said last night and she wants it more than anything, but she’s never been slapped before in her life and she refuses to be disrespected and she is no one’s property.

Angle says he understands why she’s upset but this is a different world and she has to work within the system and honestly, he needs this job. He says he lied last night. He doesn’t know why he lied, he cops to having pneumonia and says he doesn’t even remember what he said, but he lied. Steph says she understands why Ronda did what she did and wants to put it all behind them.

She and Hunter go to leave and Rousey cuts her off, saying they’ve addressed everything, except the slap. If she wants to put this behind them, McMahon needs to apologize to her. And if she doesn’t, she won’t hesitate to rip her arm out of its socket! Steph steps up to her like’s gonna fight and says she’s terribly sorry. She reacted, she had put Hunter through a table, there’s no excuse, she’s so sorry.

McMahon tries to welcome her to WWE and assumes they’re all good now... AND TRIPLE HAULS OFF AND KNOCKS ANGLE OUT!

Ronda helps Angle up as HHH and McMahon leave.

That’s the show, folks.

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