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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 results: Asuka’s streak continues, but Nia Jax makes her pay

The second women’s match at Elimination Chamber, WWE’s Feb. 25 pay-per-view (PPV) in Paradise, Nevada, featured the undefeated Royal Rumble winner, Asuka, against Nia Jax, with a possible WrestleMania title shot on the line for Jax should she win.

The stipulation was kind of confusing. WWE didn’t want us to be confused about Asuka’s dominance, though. The bulk of the pre-match video package focused on her 2+ year, 200+ match win streak. But Nia did get to stomp on a mask:

The Empress of Tomorrow tried to take the fight to her rival right from the start, but couldn’t put down the Irresistable Force. And that meant trouble for Asuka, as Nia proceeded to punish the smaller woman.

With Women’s champion Alexa Bliss watching on a monitor from the back, Jax controlled the action but couldn’t - or chose not to- finish the match. Asuka mounted several comebacks, but they were usually shortlived. Every spot that looked like a turning point - a big kick to the head, dodging an avalanche - ended with more punishment.

Even an armbar locked in in the center of the ring wasn’t enough. Nia lifted Asuka up and slammed her the turnbuckle. A powerbomb attempt a moment later was her undoing, however. The roll-up wasn’t very well executed, but it resulted in a three count, and the streak continued, possibly ending Jax’s ‘Mania dreams.

While the referee raised Asuka’s hand, Nia snapped. The ensuing beatdown continued as Jax drove the Empress through the barricade as a smiling Bliss looked on approvingly as her friend took out her likely next challenger.

Does that mean Asuka will opt to face Bliss in New Orleans on April 8? That’s certainly what they want us to think, but there’s a long way to go - and a contract signing later tonight - before anything is official.

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