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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 results: Alexa Bliss divides and conquers

WWE pulled into the last stop before WrestleMania, Feb. 25’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) from Paradise, Nevada, with the latest historic happening in their Women’s Evolution - the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Raw Women’s champion Alexa Bliss was forced to defend her title against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

As the competitors entered, we were reminded the storyline heading into the match focused on actual and potential alliances, or problems with same. Sasha and Bayley are friends. Deville and Rose are members of Paige’s Absolution stable. And Bliss believes she’s re-formed a partnership with James. Would any of them last?

With the champ, The Boss and Mickie already in pods, Mandy and Sonya entered together. As Bayley’s music hit the speakers at T-Mobile Arena, Rose was locked in a plexiglass compartment, and we had our wrestlers for the first five minutes.

Those minutes were fairly evenly matched, but Deville took the first two big bumps within the Structure - being thrown into the chains, and taking an elbow drop on the padding-covered grating outside the ring. It wasn’t enough to get a cover, and when the buzzer went off to release the other Absolution member... the Hugster was in trouble.

She fought the pair off for a while, but when Sonya caught her with a big spear on the outside, the two-on-one beatdown was on.

Mandy spent a little time trash talking Sasha, which proved to be a mistake when The Boss was the next woman out. Banks took it to the stable-mates, earning several nearfalls on Deville while letting her friend(ly rival) recover.

When Bayley got back in, she came to The Boss’ side to even the odds. They worked the numbers game on Sonya, then Rose rejoined the action and almost took out Sasha. But she took time to gloat before ending things, and ended up taking a Bank Statement. Bayley took out Deville when she tried to make the save, and Mandy tapped to become the first woman eliminated... just as James was let loose.

The six-time champ was on fire from the start, and she went for the biggest spot as soon as she put everyone down - climbing the chain link to get to the top of a pod. Bayley tried to stop her but ended up kicked down to earth before Mickie got on top of the compartment. She launched herself onto Deville, eliminating the other Absolution member with a pinfall.

Unfortunately for the veteran, she turned into Bayley’s finisher and a pin. With James out, The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection decided to take a breather and wait for the champ. When Alexa tried to run after the final buzzer sounded, the duo stalked her... until Sasha decided to boot Bayley from a pod, officially declaring it was now every woman for herself.

With that alliance in ruins, at least for now, the champ had an opening and went on the offensive. It was Bayley who got the brunt of things - from both rivals. First a superplex from the champ, then a frog splash from Sasha. Neither ended things, but after a super Bayley-to-Belly, Alexa rolled up The Hugster, and it was one-on-one.

A Twisted Bliss attempt might have ended things, but Banks got her knees up. She used those knees to drill the champ into the chains while Bayley walked up the ramp, but got her leg caught in the Structure. That created enough space for Alexa to climb onto a pod for another shot at her finisher. This one hit, but Sasha rolled through for a Banks Statement. She needed to get the champ in between the ropes though, and that gave Bliss a chance to escape.

An attempt to climb the pod for a big maneuver backfired when Alexa sent her face first into the steel and plexiglass. A big DDT with The Boss draped over the top turnbuckle ended it.

Afterwards, she terrified heel-lovers everywhere by teasing a big “follow your dreams” promo during the post-match interview. But she turned it around and taunted the crowd for doubting her, and thinking they could ever achieve anything.

The reign of The Goddess continues.

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