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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE Elimination Chamber is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 25, 2018) from the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Elimination Chamber below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Roman Reigns wins the Men’s Elimination Chamber match
Woken Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt
Asuka def. Nia Jax
The Bar def. Titus Worldwide
Alexa Bliss wins the Women’s Elimination Chamber match
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. The Miztourage


Hopeless, there’s no doubt, set on a slow burn from the inside out. Carefully, say “What for?”; last one out closes the coffin door, but me, I’m just here to liveblog this wrestling show for you, folks.

The pre-show opens with Renee Young introducing her panel, consisting of Booker T, Peter Rosenberg, and David Otunga. The panel start off discussing Ronda Rousey’s contract signing before running down the show in general. We go backstage with Charly Caruso, where she mentions the unannounced arrival of Paul Heyman before we go back with the panel, who mention that Kurt Angle will be in the Social Media Lounge later.

Video package and discussion of the women’s Elimination Chamber match follows, with Paige joining the panel. Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed backstage and Bayley says Paige can talk all she wants but she’s not in the match. Banks says when the spotlight’s on, you can always bank on the Boss, and Bayley says if they have to work together to make sure they’re the final two, they will, because there’s no one she’d rather make history with than her best friend.

After she wins she gets to move on to WrestleMania as champion, to which Banks takes mild offense before Mickie James rolls up. She says nobody is using her and this isn’t her first rodeo, and they may think they know everything, but they don’t. And they might think they’re best friends, but once the pods open and the title’s on the line, their friendship will be over, quicker than a hiccup.

Miz gives a handcam promo about being first out in the Chamber, and he shrugs it off, saying he’s the number one guy in the company and that he’ll prove it to everybody when he wins tonight and puts the Intercontinental Championship in the main event of WrestleMania.

Matt Hardy appears in the smoky room, calling it Abigail’s womb. He says it’s clouding his sight beyond sight and he can’t let her essence spread any further. The glass shatters and he’s in his normal room of white light talking about casting Sister Abigailback into the bottomless void and deleting Bray Wyatt. The panel then discuss their match tonight.

Video package and panel discussion of Nia Jax vs. Asuka follows. They get onto the topic of the two-hour gauntlet match on Raw this past week and Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. He says it was the fight of his life, but it means nothing, because all the matters is winning tonight and beating Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, and he’s gonna do his best.

Discussion of the tag title match follows and we go backstage with Kurt Angle for his social media interview. First up is a question about how Jason Jordan is doing and Kurt says the surgery was successful and Jordan should be back right after WrestleMania, better than ever. Asked who’s gonna win the Elimination Chamber matches, he puts basically everybody over.

Asked who will have the best match with Brock Lesnar, he says Braun Strowman would have a great chance as would Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins. Asked about Ronda Rousey signing, he says she’ll be an incredible addition to the roster and he’s happy to have her.

Balor Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) vs. the Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

Axel and Anderson to start, Curtis taking him down, front chancery applied, rising up, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block. Circling, Axel goes behind, smash to the back of the neck, punches to the face, taunting, whip reversed, leg lariat connects, arm wringer and a tag to Gallows. Scoop and a slam, punches in the corner, big slicing right, Big Hoot calls Curtis a nerd before dropping him!

Tag back to Karl, Axel fends him off and tags Dallas in. Bo in with elbows and punches, quick tag back to Curtis. Whip reversed, boot up in the corner, Anderson with a couple lariats, he clers the apron, bicycle kick but a blind tag from Dallas! Bo knocks Machine Gun to the floor and poses as we take a quick break for a house ad.

Back from commercial, Dallas hits a short-arm lariat and follows it with a knee drop, tag to Axel, another knee drop, running blockbuster, only good for two! Kneeling armbar, Anderson fights to his feet but is waylaid by a knee, and a big dropkick leaves Curtis quite pleased with himself. Wristlock, into the corner, tag made, they put boots to Karl together but he’s able to get a few uppercuts off for separation.

Bo cuts him off, short-arm back elbows, Anderson ducks one, back suplex connects, he’s crawling for the tag but Axel tags in to stop him. One Sick Kick later and Luke is in running him over! Stinger splash, a roundhouse kick connects flush and Sex Ferguson is fired up! Off the ropes, big splash, tag to Machine Gun, fireman’s carry, off the ropes but Curtis makes the save.

Bo runs interference, double-team... NOPE! Tag made, Axel perched up top but Karl shoves Bo into the ropes to crotch him and hits the spinning spinebuster on Dallas! Tag to Gallows, a few boots, tag back, lift him up...

Balor Club win by pinfall with Magic Killer on Curtis Axel.

The Revival are interviewed about what they just saw and Scott Dawson says their opinion isn’t suitable for polite company. They have a lot of potential but this isn’t their tag team wrestling, no cutting the ring in half, no quick tags (well, I mean, there were a few quick tags but I agree, the heat segment wasn’t what it could have been), and so on.

Back to the pre-show panel, they shill for the WWE Network for those watching elsewhere by way of running down tonight’s card. Talk of Ronda Rousey’s contract signing follows, and then a video package to remind us that WrestleMania is very important. Eventually it takes a turn to be about the men’s Chamber match, and then Paul Heyman joins the panel as they discuss the match and close the pre-show out.

The main show opens with a video package built around the idea that Elimination Chamber is a night that can change the course of WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville (WWE Raw Women’s Championship Elimination Chamber Match)

Bayley and Deville to start, Sonya in with a waistlock takedown, attempt a cover, shift to a front chancery, Hugger picks the leg, stalemate! Back to the waistlock, Bayley escapes with a drop toehold, running one-handed bulldog, smashing her face into turnbuckles, but Deville gets a back elbow in after the third and whips her into the corner. Up and over, off the ropes, Sonya with a punch to the gut!

Catapult into the steel, Bayley catches herself! Jockeying for position against the cage and the Hugger puts Deville shoulder-first into the steel! Knee drop follows but nobody’s home for the elbow drop. Bayley dragging her against the ropes, perching up top, Deville crawls outside... DIVING ELBOW DROP TO THE OUTSIDE! Back in for the cover... NOPE! Reverse chinlock applied, the countdown timer ticks...

Mandy Rose is the first out of her pod. Bayley right on her with a knee and the Stunner over the middle ropes, putting her into the steel, Stunner for Sonya, trying her damnedest to keep them off-guard. Shoulder block in the corner, back elbow, whip Deville into Rose, a back elbow for the stack, and then Mandy dodges her solo elbow! Up and over to the outside, elbows, but Mandy hits an elbow to the head and Sonya follows it with a spear to wipe the Hugger out!

Double back suplex lift, repeated rams into the steel of the cage, in the ring, sliding knee from Deville. Bayley fighting back with gut punches, Rose off the top with a knee... NO GOOD! Crucifying Bayley in the steel, they put boots and fists to her, the countdown timer ticks...

Sasha Banks is out second! She heads over to beat Deville down, sends Rose into the Lexan of a pod and beats her down some more! Putting Mandy’s face into the steel, boots to her, Sonya makes the save, puts the Boss into the steel but Banks gets her caught up and fires off a series of forearms and then the double knees! Back in the ring, Meteora on Sonya... only good for two!

Sasha takes Rose out with a double stomp on the floor, Sonya is is on her with kicks in the corner. Bayley recovered, she and Banks double team Deville into the steel wall. They dump her back inside when Rose comes back around, takes Bayley out again, puts the Boss back in... FACE ERASER! Angel’s Wings denied, Banks with a knee, Bank Statement, Bayley keeps Sonya away...

Sasha Banks eliminates Mandy Rose by submission with the Bank Statement.

The countdown timer ticks...

Mickie James enters third. Lou Thesz Press into punches for Sasha, beating on Bayley, kick combo on the Boss, double clothesline! Running kick to Deville, looking for the DDT, Sasha with an O’Connor roll, reversed, James hits a neckbreaker on the Hugger! Flapjack into a kip-up and Hardcore Country is fired up! Sonya cuts her off with a knee and puts the veteran into the steel but a second attempt sees her go into it!

Double leg pickup, Deville rams Mickie into the steel but she grabs hold... Frankensteiner on the outside! James starts climbing the steel, Banks cuts her off and eats a kick. Bayley climbs with her, Mickie smashes her face into the steel and knocks her down! James is on top of a pod... LOU THESZ PRESS OFF THE POD!

Mickie James eliminates Sonya Deville by pinfall with a Lou Thesz Press.

Lungblower connects, Bayley takes advantage...

Bayley eliminates Mickie James by pinfall with the Bayley-to-Belly.

The countdown timer ticks and Alexa Bliss enters the match last. Or, well, she’s supposed to, because she holds the pod door shut! She slips out the other side, climbs up, but Sasha and Bayley flank her, standing on top of adjacent pods. Bliss climbs down, they’re right behind her and she climbs back up and settles on one of the pods. Banks cuts her off... and kicks Bayley to the floor of the cage!

Sasha stalks after Alexa on the floor and Bayley comes from behind to cut her off! Lateral press... NOPE! Smashing Bayley’s face into the mat, windmill punches to the back, overhead elbow, choking her over the ropes and stomping her head in! Again just a nearfall and the Hugger recovers enough to hit Bayley-to-Belly but she can’t capitalize! Shoulder thrusts in the corner, back roll... the Boss cuts her off and hammers on her in the corner!

Hugger with a hip toss, puts the Boss in the Tree of Woe and puts boots to her! Headed up top, the champion cuts her off... superplex! Banks sits up with both down and out, she perches, off the top with a splash... NOT ENOUGH! Setting the Hugger up but she’s got the knee drop scouted and the Boss has to improvise, headscissors put her face into the turnbuckle!

Bayley up to meet her but Bliss runs in...

Alexa Bliss eliminates Bayley by pinfall with an overrotated later press.

A cover on Sasha... NOPE! Alexa heads up top, Twisted Bliss... THE KNEES WERE UP! Banks catches a kick, returns her own, knees against the cage, smashing the champion’s face in but she’s able to dodge the last one and Bliss hits an over-the-knee neckbreaker with Sasha tied up in the cage! Bliss climbs up the cage and perches atop a pod as the Boss tries to get back to vertical.

TWISTED BLISS OFF THE POD BUT BANKS IS ABLE TO TURN IT AROUND INTO THE BANK STATEMENT CROSSFACE! SHE ROLLS IT BACK INTO THE RING! Rolling it through again for better positioning and Bliss stands up and puts her back-first into the turnbuckles to break! Boots up, Sasha still very much in control as she looks at the top of the pod and climbs up the turnbuckles.

The Boss gets to the top when Alexa pushes her, putting her face into the pod. Feet hung up on the turnbuckles...

Alexa Bliss wins, last eliminating Sasha Banks by pinfall with an elevated DDT out of the corner to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

After the match, Alexa Bliss is interviewed. She says winning means everything to her, but it’s not just about her, it’s about every woman and little girl in the audience who ever dreamed big, it’s for all of them. And this just proves that you can be whatever you want to be, so dare to dream and dream big, and she’s looking out at everyone and the reality is none of the crowd will ever accomplish any of their dreams.

She says the odds were stacked against her and she still won, even though there’s not a single person in the arena that believed she could, and she did. Tonight she proved there’s only one true goddess in WWE, herself.

We see the nameplate on Ronda Rousey’s dressing room as Kurt Angle enters.

Braun Strowman gets a handcam promo about how These Hands are all he needs to win and stomp down the Road to WrestleMania and make Brock Lesnar his pet.

The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (c) vs. Titus Worldwide (Apollo & Titus O’Neil) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

The Bar put boots to Apollo before the bell! Titus Worldwide return the favor, dumping the champions to the floor... CREWS WITH A DIVING SPLASH ON BOTH OF ‘EM! He rolls Cesaro back in and we have a bell!

O’Neill with a slam, tag to Apollo, off the top with a splash and Sheamus breaks it up! Cesaro dumps Crews to the floor, Sheamus comes around and hits a lariat and continues to beat him down after tagging in. Tag back to Cesaro, they put boots to Apollo, cover into a reverse chinlock, then adding a cutthroat element to it. Celtic Warrior back in, top wristlock applied, wrenching it in.

Crews to his feet, fighting back but Sheamus whips him over and tags Cesaro. Cesaro mocks Titus’ gator taunt and Apollo breaks loose with punches, forcing the Swiss Superman to use his strength to stalemate him. Back body drop, but Cesaro tags Sheamus in and he stomps the arm and takes him down for kneeling Beats of the Bodhran before grabbing the top wristlock once more.

Quick tags continue, Cesaro with a rear chinlock applied, whipping him across when Crews gets up and this time Apollo sends him to the floor. Tag to Sheamus, right in with a front chancery, quick tag denied, Apollo forcing the Celtic Warrior away, Crews reaching... and Sheamus chooses to cheap shot O’Neill off the apron! Crews up for White Noise, reverse to a sunset flip, sidestep the charge and Sheamus takes the post hard!

Fired up for the tag, Apollo crawling... TAGS MADE! Titus in with shoulder blocks and lariats, throwing Cesaro into the corner, overhand clubs, a biel sends the champion across the ring! Stinger splash, a boot knocks Sheamus down, another boot for Cesaro, only a nearfall! Cesaro gets an uppercut and comes off the top with a crossbody but O’Neil catches him! Cesaro slips out, leapfrog, tag, Sheamus is in and perched up top, Titus ready for the diving lariat, Clash of the Titus... CESARO BREAKS IT UP! Apollo back in, off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Sending Sheamus back inside, Crews perches, crossbody... only a nearfall! Standing moonsault but the knees are up, small package... NOPE! Cesaro puts Titus into the post on the floor!

Apollo with an enzuigiri, Cesaro tags, chop block cuts Crews off, up for the White Noise...

The Bar win by pinfall with a springboard spike White Noise on Apollo Crews, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

We get a trailer for the Andre the Giant documentary.

One of Asuka’s masks is shown and Nia Jax stomps on it.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Collar and elbow, Jax throws Asuka aside but she comes at her with a dropkick, forarms, trying a flying armbar and Nia goozles her! Break from that, take a headbutt, back to the corner, boot up, trading face smashes into the pad! Jax with a huge biel, charging in, Asuka with the low bridge, off the ropes, running hip attack scouted and she smashes Asuka with a knee to the back!

Kick to the back, standing surfboard with a foot to the back into a curb stomp, drawing her up, backbreaker connects and Asuka is send staggering. Body avalanche to the back, off the ropes, elbow drop, only good for a nearfall! Disdainful slaps to the head, Asuka throwing body blows, off the ropes, wheelbarrow into a kneebar but Jax stands up, pulls her out with a waistlock and rams her into the corner!

Argentine backbreaker rack applied, Nia shakes it in but Asuka throws elbows to break. In with a guillotine choke but Jax counters it into a Jackhammer! Asuka with a jawbreaker, chest kicks, rolling solebutt, off the ropes, Nia counters with a Samoa drop but is slow to capitalize! Off the ropes with a leg drop, Asuka gets away, sliding knee strike, only good for two!

Kick to the arm, backfists, reverse roundhouse kick, buzzsaw roundhouse kick, another one, make the cover... NOT GONNA DO IT! Asuka headed up top, Jax cuts her off with a forearm, headbutt, jockeying for position, fireman’s carry, Asuka tries to turn it into a sunset flip but Nia blocks! BANZAI DROP BUT ASUKA SLIPS OUT OF THE WAY! Off the ropes, Jax clubs her but the leg drop doesn’t get all of it and Asuka’s able to sidestep her into the post.

Flying armbar, wrenching back, shifting to the triangle as Jax gets around, lifts her up... DEADLIFT BUCKLE BOMB! Nia yells about how she’s going to WrestleMania, hooks her for a powerbomb but Asuka thinks fast...

Asuka wins by pinfall with a victory roll, keeping her WrestleMania title match a singles between her and her champion of choice.

Jax freight trains Asuka from behind! Asuka fights back with forearms on the floor but Nia catches a kick and puts her into the post! SHOULDER BLOCK PUTS THEM BOTH THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S BARRICADE!

Alexa Bliss is interviewed about her WrestleMania title match and says she’s not disappointed in what Nia did just now. It’s six short weeks until WrestleMania, and no one is ready for Alexa.

Referees John Cone and Jason Ayers help Asuka to the back.

Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage. He says he doesn’t care what Paul Heyman has to say, that he’s a guy that shows up to work ten days a year and runs his mouth about stuff he physically can’t do in the ring. Roman says he’s the opposite, and everything he says, he does, and he’s gonna win tonight, go to WrestleMania, beat Brock Lesnar, and take the Universal Championship.

Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy makes his entrance and teleports away, leaving his coat in the ring with a very confused Bray Wyatt. He sings at him, telling him he’ll fade away and classify himself as obsolete. A furious Bray searches for him at ringside, even checking under the ring to no avail. He turns around and Hardy comes off the apron with a double axehandle!

Back inside, the bell rings, right hands from Hardy, kick to the gut, Twist of Fate denied, boot up against the ropes, Russian legsweep and Matt does the “Delete!” hand. Right hands in the corner, whip reversed, sidestep the charge and Wyatt hangs backward, but Hardy finds it “WONDERFUL!” and applauds the Eater of Worlds! Bray charges in, kick to the gut, DDT, only a nearfall!

Twist of Fate denied again, off the ropes, freight train crossbody block cuts his Broken Brilliance off! Choking Matt over the middle rope, scraping his face along the rope, beating on him in the corner. Hardy fights out of the corner with forearms, but Bray hits him with a DDT and locks him down with a reverse chinlock. Off the ropes for the escape, connect with a headbutt, and they end up on the apron.

Hardy in with punches, Bray grabs a front facelock and drops him on the apron, adding a club to the back for good measure on the way down. Heading around, big uppercut on the floor, hooked for the Rock Bottom, evil intentions but Hardy blocks. He runs around only to get laid out with a lariat! Back inside, the cover gets two, Wyatt with a kick to the back of the neck, a right hand, choking him against the middle rope again.

Short-arm lariat out of the corner, Matt on the back foot, double thrust puts him into the corner and Bray poses a moment. Boot up on the charge, tornado DDT connects, Hardy following up with forearms, smashing his face into the turnbuckles over and over, lariat, bulldog denied, Side Effect... NOT ENOUGH! Up top, elbow to the back of the neck, Wyatt is staggered.

Kick to the gut, Twist of Fate again denied, big Rock Bottom into the senton, only a nearfall. Wyatt raining elbows down on the back of Hardy’s neck, he drags his Woken Wisdom into the corner, heads to the second, diving senton... NO WATER IN THE POOL! Again denying the Twist of Fate, ramming him in the corner, Sister Abigail clutch, Matt escapes, kick to the face, kick to the gut...

Matt Hardy wins by pinfall with the Twist of Fate.

Kurt Angle makes his entrance for Ronda Rousey’s contract signing.

(Behold, the king! The King of Kings! On your knees, dog.)

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon follow next. HHH says they scour the earth looking for the elite (they’re in New Japan, pal) to bring WWE to the next level. He can’t recall an athlete of Ronda’s caliber walking through the door since, well, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. She was a judo champion, an Olympic medalist, in MMA they created divisions just for her, she paved the way for young women around the globe and she’s earned the right, in his opinion, to be called the baddest woman on the planet.

Ronda makes her entrance, naturally. Stephanie officially welcomes her to the WWE and passes the mic to her. Rousey says it’s hard to even know what to say, she’s not often speechless but being in the ring with these folks... She puts Angle’s accomplishments over and soaks in the crowd’s appreciation for a moment. She says she wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for her hero, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

He’s her inspiration for handling her MMA career and then coming here and she wants to make him and his family proud. Triple H wants to get down to business, and says Ronda didn’t want anything special and he wants to be clear about it. No special travel, no private cars, and she confirms that she doesn’t want to be treated any different. The only thing she asked for is an invite to WrestleMania, and Hunter says she’ll be competing when she signs the contract.

Not in a title match, but she’ll have a match. Ronda says that she doesn’t want a title match, she just wants the opportunity. Steph picks up the pen and the contract and hands it over. Ronda hesitates a moment and asks Kurt if he has something to say, and he says no, he’s just in awe of Mr. H’s and Stephanie and he’s been listening to them talk about her for ages.

They couldn’t wait to have Ronda here to manipulate her over almost breaking Steph’s arm at WrestleMania 31, they want to keep her down. You know, Hunter, like you said, “three years in and we own the bi--”, at which point Triple cuts him off and says tonight is about Rousey and making dreams come true and says Kurt isn’t feeling well, having a relapse from a bout with the flu this week.

Hunter walks Angle off and Steph says Kurt was right about one thing-- they have been talking about her since WrestleMania 31 and she did embarrass them, but she also impressed them and they’ve wanted her in WWE ever since. She cajoles her to sign the contract and Kurt has one more thing, saying that Stephanie said that Ronda’s a has-been and she could take her.

Rousey gets a real serious look on her face and backs McMahon into the ropes as HHH hustles back to break it up and Steph begs off. Ronda shrugs Hunter’s hands off and stares him in the eye. They back off, Hunter steps back to her... RONDA PUTS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A JUDO THROW! STEPHANIE SLAPS HER IN THE FACE! McMahon asks her who she thinks she is and we see Rousey’s face, full of resolve as Steph realizes what a mistake she’s made and runs off.

Ronda picks the contract up and signs it! She leaves and Stephanie rushes in to check Hunter, who’s been down and out since he went through the table.

Commentary discusses Ronda’s contract signing before putting Fastlane over a bit.

Elias is in the ring to play us a song before being locked into his pod. He insults Las Vegas, saying he’s sure they know someone behind bars, and says tonight is the final stop on his way to the performance of a lifetime on the grandest stage of them all when he beats Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. He introduces his song, explaining that it’s not for Vegas, because he doesn’t dedicate songs to anyone that lives in sin, and he holds himself to a higher standard.

He begins his song, running down his opponents in the Chamber, but he gets to the chorus--


Braun Strowman vs. Elias vs. Finn Balor vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. the Miz (WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match)

Miz, Balor, and Rollins to start. Miz tries to form an alliance with Rollins to attack Balor but Seth tells him he knows better and so Miz tries to ally with Finn against him, throwing up a Too Sweet. Balor passes, Rollins asks for an alliance and that one takes! Stereo kicks to the midsection into tandem back elbows, they dump Miz to the floor but Finn rolls Rollins up for two!

Side headlock, Seth shoots him off, drop down, blast Miz with a forearm, Rollins grabs a side headlock takeover of his own. Shot off, drop down, leapfrog, black Miz with a forearm, back elbow, side headlock, shot off, drop down, dropkick and Finn is the only one standing! The A-Lister with a shoulder block, slingshot sunset flip, Balor pops out and hits a dropkick for two.

Chop to Rollins, he puts Miz in the corner, chop for him, whip reversed, nobody home on the Awesome Clothesline! Snapmare and a kick to the back of Seth’s neck get a cover for Finn, whip, knee to the midsection and another quick cover. Looking for a suplex, Finn floats out,cover comes up empty, Miz witha schoolboy, nope, same for Rollins and now Balors throwhing forearms.

Rollins hits a Blue Thunder Backbreaker, slingshot up and over, springboard lariat, floatover suplex, roll through, high-angle Falcon Arrow! Setting up Blackout, denied, Skull Crushing Finale reversed, boot up in the corner, Rollins hits the double blockbuster! Covers come up empty and the countdown timer ticks...

John Cena is the first out of his pod! He and Rollins jaw at each other, trade pushes, Cena off the ropes! Shoulder block, shoulder block, Seth flips out of the slam, goes for the knee, John blocks, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, “You can’t see me!”, Rollins with the up-kick but Cena catches it! Fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver for Miz, “You can’t see me!”, double Five Knuckle Shuffle!

Balor in, leg pick into a double stomp, only two, Miz going for his finish, Finn counters to a victory roll, only two and he follows it with Sling Blade! Fired up, Balor runs into a superkick from Rollins! Seth the only man standing, Miz and Finn slowly draw themselves up and he runs a charging forearms on them until Cena cuts him off. John gets Finn and Seth on his shoulders, Balor escapes and Rollins lands on his feet to block the Attitude Adjustment!

Miz with the inverted facelock backbreaker / neckbreaker combo on Seth, only good for two! Cena dumps Finn over the ropes as Miz and Rollins struggle against the steel. The A-Lister eats the steel and Finn throws a few stomps on John. Tides turn, Awesome Clothesline connects, Cena pulls Finn up as Seth gets Miz in position... STEREO SUPERPLEXES! The countdown timer ticks...

Roman Reigns is the second man let out of his pod. Throwing punches, he lays Cena out and turns to Miz. Big slicing right for him, one for Balor, and it’s Reigns and Rollins face to face... until Miz attacks from behind! Basement DDT on Seth, only good for two. Miz has everbody on their knees and surveys the crowd on who he should attack before throwing Daniel Bryan chest kicks on everybody!

Roman gets the full package, however, and ducks the buzzsaw finale before laying the A-Lister out with the lariat combo! Balor attacks the Big Dog from behind! He has to take a second to dispatch Rollins and Roman comes off the top with a lariat for a nearfall! Corner lariats follow, Balor ducks the Mafia kick but Reigns floats around and hits the one-arm powerbomb!

Samoan drop on Cena gets a nearfall, leg pick sitout powerbomb on Miz gets one as well! The Big Dog calls for the Superman Punch but the countdown timer ticks...

Braun Strowman is the third man out of his pod. He grabs Rollins and puts him into the steel while keeping his eyes on Roman. Big rights for everybody! Miz gets out of Dodge, Cena takes another right, a headbutt for Reigns, for Balor, club for Seth and Cena comes over to hold him back and help the Architect take the monster among men out. Trying a double suplex... Braun suplexes them both instead!

The ring cleared, Strowman focuses on Miz, who climbs a pod. Braun climbs right after him and grabs Miz by the hair to drag him back over and smash his face into the Lexan wall of the Chamber... BIEL OFF THE TOP OF THE POD! Braun isn’t concerned with finishing it just yet, heading over to Elias to remind him of the inevitability of death. Strowman then heads back over to Miz to pick him up and smash him back down with his giant meat hand.

Same deal for Roman, Seth tries to attack and Braun puts his elbow through his face before press slamming him out of the ring! He picks Miz up...

Braun Strowman eliminates Miz by pinfall with the running powerslam.

The countdown timer ticks...

Elias is the last man to exit his pod... or not, because he closes his pod and acts casual. Braun turns away from him and the other four men are up and at him! Raining fists down, taking the monster to his knees, Rollins improvises and calls for it... QUADRUPLE POWERBOMB! NOT ENOUGH TO PUT BRAUN STROWMAN AWAY! Cena gets him up... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! STROWMAN KICKED OUT AT ONE! SPEAR... STILL NOT ENOUGH TO PUT THE MONSTER DOWN!

BLACKOUT CONNECTS, BRAUN ROLLS OUT... COUP DE GRACE ON THE FLOOR! John gets Roman up, Attitude Adjustment, Seth hits Avada Kedavra and ends up double crossbodying with Finn! Elias sees his chance, lateral press... nearfall on Rollins, on Finn, on Roman, on Cena, he can’t do it! Putting boots to Reigns in the corner, Mafia kick to Rollins, jumping knee strike wipes Cena out and the Drifter heads up top.

He perches, diving elbow drop on the Architect... only a nearfall! Elias stays on Seth, electric chair, but Rollins slides out, Roman with the fireman’s carry, Samson slips out with elbows, electric chair on the Big Dog and he spins him around for the powerbomb... NOPE! Braun’s back up and Elias manages to put him into the post but falters when he tries the electric chair...

Braun Strowman eliminates Elias by pinfall with the running powerslam.

Braun shifts his attention to the Big Dog as the crowd sings Elias goodbye. He hoists Roman up on his shoulders but Seth makes the save with the diving knee! Shotgun dropkick from Finn, Cena off the top with a crossbody but the monster catches him...

Braun Strowman eliminates John Cena by pinfall with the running powerslam!

Cena leaves the ring in shock as Braun asks who wants these hands! Roman steps up and gets slapped down, as does Rollins! Balor rises up and Braun has a joyous look on his face as Balor starts a strike rush. He puts Finn in the corner but he’s got the boots up, enzuigiri from the apron, headed up top but Strowman goozles him, puts him on his shoulders and Balor slips out!

Shotgun dropkick puts him on one knee, Finn up top... COUP DE GRACE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD ONLY GETS TWO! Rollins in on Finn, gets enzuigiri that’s returned with the Pele kick, up for the inverted 1916... NOT ENOUGH! Roman puts him off the ropes, duck a lariat, Sling Blade! Shotgun dropkick puts the Big Dog in hard, Finn heads up top, Coup de Grace but Braun cuts him off...

Braun Strowman eliminates Finn Balor by pinfall with the running powerslam!

Braun stands tall over the Shield lads, licking his lips and waiting for them to get themselves together to take these hands. Fist bump, unsteady they circle Strowman and rush in to beat on him. Braun slings Seth aside but gets low bridged right after. Putting boots to him outside, trying to summon up That Damned Numbers Game, smashing him into the steel repeatedly... and Seth puts Roman into the steel!

Springboard lariat, superkick, off the ropes, Blackout denied, superkick counters the Superman Punch, up for it... BUCKLE BOMB BUT REIGNS SPRINGS OUT OF THE CORNER TO HIT THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! Braun drags himself up the steel with both Shield lads down and out and staggers over to the ropes, scooping Rollins up and looking for the powerslam. Seth climbs the cage wall to escape the monster!

Roman comes over... Samoan drop on the floor! The Architect collects himself atop the pod as Strowman rolls back in. He looks at the WrestleMania sign... FROG SPLASH OFF THE POD! BRAUN STROWMAN LIVES! Strowman rises to one knee as Rollins and Reigns share a strategic look across the ring. Roman howls but Braun gives them these hands and hits a shotgun dropkick on the Big Dog!

Seth with a superkick, another one puts Braun on one knee, off the ropes... BLACKOUT COUNTERED INTO THE POWERSLAM!

Braun Strowman eliminates Seth Rollins by pinfall with the running powerslam!

Braun and Roman share a weary look, old rivals locked in battle once again, and Strowman takes the straps down, commanding him to come get these hands! The Big Dog steps up and hits the big slicing right! Another and Braun goozles him and dumps him over the ropes! Headed out after him, he scoops Roman up but Reigns slips out and hangs him over the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE INTO THE CAGE WALL!

Braun sidesteps a followup, goes to charge, Roman dodges... BRAUN STROWMAN GOES THROUGH THE LEXAN OF THE POD! Superman Punch connects, a second one in the ring puts Braun on one knee! Reigns stalks to the corner, howls, and Braun catches the spear into a powerslam clutch but Roman slips away! Off the ropes, another Superman Punch, the spear connects but Strowman’s back on his feet! Roman charges again...

Roman Reigns wins, last eliminating Braun Strowman by pinfall with the spear to become #1 contender to the WWE Universal Championship.


That’s the show, folks.

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