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‘It all sucks’: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro watching their 2015 Elimination Chamber match reminds us wrestling is real

This is a fantastic video, and sign me up for the proposed “Tyson Kidd: Monitor Commentator” series the Swiss Superman proposes at the end.

But why do all of these Cesaro watches his old tag matches have to be such tear jerkers?

Like the one where The Bar watch the inconclusive end of their 2016 best-of-seven series, Kidd and the King of Swing watching the tag team title match from 2015’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) - still the only tag match to place in a Chamber - is great. It’s also moving because of sense of sincere friendship you get from Cesaro and Kidd (and special guest star... Sheamus’ head!).

But there’s a sense of melancholy, too. Both the pair discuss how everything that happens in that structure hurts, and knowing Kidd can no longer do something he clearly loves because of a bad bump, is a reminder of the risk wrestlers take to entertain us. And I know Tyson is still involved in the business, and gets to work with his wife and friends he loves, but... still. Kind of a bummer.

If you can get past that, it’s worth watching these eight minutes. Kidd is really funny, and kind of brutal (to Kalisto, and WWE production). And both men’s knowledge is impressive (quick - name the only two wrestlers who springboard from the middle rope).

Still bums me out we only got a few months of watching this team wrestle, but at least we can hear them talk about wrestling.

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