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Velveteen Dream shoots on all the indie guys taking up spots in NXT

Shoot your shot Velveteen Dream. Sometimes a man just has to express himself via a shoot promo on social media. One of the pleasant surprises of NXT in 2017 was watching the rise of The Velveteen Dream.

Dream rivalry with Aleister Black was one of the best of last year and the 22-year-old is picking right up where he left off. Today (Feb. 22) Dream took to social media to get something off his chest.

It takes a brave man to begin your shoot promo with the words “If I can shoot for a minute...”

If there is any justice in the pro wrestling world, Dream will begin his next NXT televised promo with the phrase “If I can shoot for a minute...”.

With NXT signing quite a few “indy guys” over the past few months, Dream has no shortage of potential feuds to keep him busy. Last night on NXT, Dream even had a run-in with former United Kingdom champion Tyler Bate.

This is definitely a shoot from the Velveteen Dream, right? Unless this is clearly a work by Velveteen Dream? Work or shoot, what do you think?

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