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Titus Worldwide is either getting a title shot or breaking up (we guess?)

Here’s what we know.

Heading into Raw on Monday, Feb. 19 - the ‘go home’ show for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) in Paradise, Nevada - was teasing The Revival as potential challengers for The Bar’s tag team titles. Then on the show itself, Titus Worldwide defeated Sheamus and Cesaro. In a fallout video, they challenged the four-time champs to a match for Feb. 25.

As of this writing (Wednesday at ~2PM Eastern) that match has not been confirmed by WWE on any of their online outlets, but it is being referred to as official in an interview Apollo did with The U.K.’s Mirror.

Throw into that mix Apollo suddenly becoming a one-named Superstar on Monday. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but it’s worth mentioning in the midst of what appears to be a lot of “booking on the fly”.

On Mixed Match Challenge last night (Feb. 20), after losing to Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode, Nia Jax officially separated from Titus O’Neill’s group in a scene that left many fans wondering if his partnership with Apollo was on the rocks. Even announcer Corey Graves was confused enough by don’t-call-him-Crews laughing after taking a looong time to get O’Neill’s jacket so he could be in position to help Nia put him on his butt during the scene after their match on Facebook.

But WWE keeps promoting Titus Worldwide’s challenge to The Bar, without booking the match...


Titus Worldwide is either getting a title shot or breaking up, we guess?

My guess is we get an announcement of the Raw tag title match sometime in the next few days (likely right after this story publishes, because fml) - probably along with a Revival/Anderson and Gallows rematch for the Kickoff. Meanwhile, MMC continues to exist in its own weird parallel universe where it doesn’t matter how much fans online love the interactions between its male and female stars, they’ll never carry over to the shows that air on USA Network.

Let us know your guesses below, and we’ll keep you posted on Titus and Apollo’s title shot and/or impending feud.

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