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DRAKE MAVERICK Presents: The Cruiserweight Title Tournament bracket

In order to preserve the surprise of their NXT and UK call-ups, and likely to keep smark-y predictions about those and future tournament match-ups to a minimum, 205 Live didn’t release a bracket for their Cruiserweight Title Tournament until the final night of first round action.

That night was tonight (Feb. 20), and after the seventh bout of round one was in the books, General Manager DRAKE MAVERICK unveiled the pairings for round two, letting us guess at the bouts all the way up until the final at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans on April 8.

Get your pencils sharpened, scripted fight fans. Here she is...

WWE Network

The action on the left side will take place next Tuesday (Feb. 27), while the bouts on the right happen in two weeks (Mar. 6). They’ll probably slow the pace after that, but either way it seems they’re planning to leave time to build toward the ‘Mania final.

Who ya got for that one, Cagesiders?

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