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Just put the damn title on Braun Strowman already

Seth Rollins may have gone for over an hour and been the star of the two-hour Gauntlet match from this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, but by the time it was over one thing had become clear: it’s time for WWE to put the damn title on Braun Strowman already.

Watch this video of what he did last night:

That audience in Phoenix absolutely adores that man, like every audience across the world adores that man, because at this point it’s crystal clear he is worthy of that adoration. The video doesn’t even include the utter glee at everyone realizing that while Miz made it to the final two, the other guy was Strowman.

There is no set formula for making a star in pro wrestling, and sometimes they’re hard to spot even when they’re right under your nose, but that isn’t the case with Braun. He’s obviously the guy, a big ol’ package of beef who moves like he’s half the size and hits like a mack truck. His offense looks good, he still manages to sell well enough to make his opponents appear dangerous (even Miz!), his interviews are fantastic, he’s got multiple catchphrases the fans love chanting along with, and now he’s working the crowd to perfection.

Where he leaves no doubt that he should be the next champion is the end of the video above, at the 4:15 mark where he gets the crowd involved. He breaks out a thumbs up with Miz up on his shoulders and a thumbs down before he finishes the slam. When he gets up and does his trademark arm lift, the crowd screams for him and does the same.

Before leaving, he asks the audience if they want more and when they respond in the affirmative he obliges them.

Then, this:

That’s it.

That’s your guy.

Look at everyone in that picture shouting “RAWR” and throwing their arms up with him. Men, women, and children of all ages. They all absolutely adore him.

Imagine a moment like that at WrestleMania.

I’ll say it again, louder for the people in Stamford:


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