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Don’t toy with our emotions, Rey Mysterio!

His surprise appearance at Royal Rumble this past Sunday (Jan. 28) was very well received, and now fans are paying even closer attention to Rey Mysterio’s next move. If he and Vince McMahon’s team can find a way to make it so that next move is back to WWE, The Master of The 6-1-9 has at least one idea of something he’d like to see happen:

One Day! A/J-vs-R/M #Respect

A post shared by Rey Mysterio (@619iamlucha) on

If you kept up with Lucha Underground while he was there, you know Rey can still go. AJ Styles is on everyone’s list of dream match opponents - just ask Shawn Michaels - but this one could actually happen... if Mysterio and WWE can get on the same page.

Will it? We know Rey’s in shape for another run, so ball’s in your court, Vince.

Give the people what they want!

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