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Seth Rollins begins Raw gauntlet match with huge wins over Reigns and Cena

When in doubt have a gauntlet match. Tonight (Feb. 19) the go-home show for the 2018 Elimination Chamber kicked off with all seven men in the chamber match dropped into a gauntlet match.

Braun Strowman, Elias, Finn Balor, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and The Miz needed something to do, so GM Kurt Angle opened Raw with the seven men all competing against each other in single matches. The gauntlet began with a mini-Shield reunion as Rollins and Reigns started off versus one another.

Before we could get to action, The Big Dog had something to say.

Both men came out on fire and tried to one up each other throughout the match. Looking like a future WrestleMania main event, the story of the match shifted to how well Rollins’ knee was doing.

Pushing past the 20 minute mark, the match turned on a buckle bomb into a Superman punch double knockdown.

With both competitors pushed to their limits, Reigns ended up being the first man eliminated from the gauntlet match. After Roman Reigns ducked out of the way of a Blackout and turned it into a roll up, Seth Rollins used his opponent’s own momentum and stacked on top of The Big Dog for the three count.

As Reigns and Rollins went in for a post-match fist bump, John Cena’s music hit and helooked to pounce on his worn out foe.

Instead Rollins attacked Cena right in the middle of is attempt at celebrating in the middle of a gauntlet match.

Then Rollins just refused to stay down. Rollins kicking out of all of Cena’s offense became a match within in itself. How mad could Rollins make Cena? A frustrated Cena is an interesting Cena.

Now approaching the top of the second hour of Raw, Rollins would still not go away. After Cena knocked Rollins outside of the ring, the King Slayer dragged his worn out body back into the ring at the 9.99999999 count from the referee.

Running on ‘E’ from head to toe, Rollins countered Cena’s STF and five-knuckle shuffle attempts. Occupying the entire first hour of Raw, the story of Seth Rollins going heads up with Roman Reigns then John Cena was one of the best the red brand has told in a long while.

After Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment dead center in the middle of the ring, Rollins kicked out at the last possible second. Rollins received a well deserved ‘Yes’ chant from the live crowd as the clock clicked over to the second hour of Raw.

The only way he could top himself was if Rollins hit Cena with his own finisher, which he did. Rollins hit Cena with an Attitude Adjustment of his own then he worked his way over to a Blackout and somehow, someway Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins pinned his opponent for the 1-2-3 count.

Wow. Only Four more men to go for the new Mr. Monday Night.

Follow along all night long with our Feb. 19, 2018 Raw live blog.

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