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Seth Rollins’ quest for a WrestleMania match is a lot more compelling than John Cena’s

As of last Monday, Seth Rollins joined John Cena as a Superstar who is kayfabing campaigning for a big match at WrestleMania. For Rollins, after months in the tag scene and with another partner/rumored rival on the disabled list, it gave his character a much needed refresh. It lead to some new merch, and this promo from backstage at a house show this weekend:

While it remains pretty hard to believe a former WWE champ and member of one of the most successful acts of this century would be left off the card at The Showcase of The Immortals, it’s a lot less far fetched than imagining Vince McMahon would just leave Cena off the show. And in reality, Seth has felt pretty adrift since returning from injury - starting with when he came back as a heel despite cheering crowds, through a feud with Triple H which had to work around another injury and beyond. He hasn’t been in feud for the Universal title since Kevin Owens had the red strap over his shoulder.

Will anything that happens tonight (Feb. 19) on Raw on this Sunday at Elimination Chamber in Paradise, Nevada lead to The Architect facing Brock Lesnar in New Orleans, maybe as part of a Triple Threat rematch of the ‘Mania 31 main event with his Shield brother, Roman Reigns?

Probably not. But it feels a lot more likely than John “I’m just trying to get to WrestleMania” Cena being left off the card altogether.

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