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Say hello to WWE’s newest one-name Superstar

Cesaro, E, Elias. I’d like to introduce you to...

I’ll never really understand this move. If single-named wrestlers are more marketable than ones with first and last names, why isn’t everyone with a company-owned moniker sans surname?

In this case, it’s hard to find a downside, though. The former Mr. Crews never really lit it up on the main stage after a call-up from NXT many felt was premature, so maybe a change will help. And if you’re going to have only one name, keeping the one which you share with a sun god, the space program which took a human to the moon, a character played by Carl Weathers, the call sign of one of Battlestar Galactica’s greatest pilots and a trailblazing gay Superman analog from DC Comics is the way to go.

Let’s just pretend Dana Brooke crunched the numbers and decided Apollo needed to lose the Crews.

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