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This week’s sign WWE should never turn Bayley heel

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Okay, “never” is a long time.

But if she’s moving merchandise and inspiring young fans to do stuff like this, there’s pretty clearly still a demand for Bayley’s babyface act...

WWE would seem to know it, too. They posted a story on the above tweet. And they keep producing new merchandise for The Hugster.

Plus, you’ve got a ready made foil for her in Sasha Banks - one that doesn’t even need a fully irredeemable heel character in order to be a great rival for the true blue heroine that inspires Bayles’ still-unjaded supporters. Not that Alexa Bliss making fun of B for not having kissed boys isn’t a good basis for a feud, but... it’s not a good basis for a feud.

Let’s take this totes adorbs video as a sign, WWE. Allow The Boss to continue developing an edge, and build toward a big showdown against her bestie-with-a-different-worldview... say in Brooklyn this August?

Give tiny huggers everywhere at least a few more months of fixing downed wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

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