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A very interesting Elimination Chamber poll from WWE

WWE put up a poll on its website today that is rather unremarkable at first glance but reveals something interesting with a closer look. Here it is:

Seeing that, yeah, I think I’m most interested to see the Ronda Rousey contract signing if only because it’s unclear how exactly WWE crowds are going to respond to her in her second appearance. The big debut at Royal Rumble almost guaranteed a positive reaction due to the shock value of her finally showing up on television and what it means for the future.

Now, we’ll get a better idea of how the audience actually feels. What’s more, we’ll get a better idea of how WWE will present her character.

Here, now, is what’s so very interesting:

Perhaps that’s indicative of the current WWE fan base not being all that intrigued by her and the company is fine with that because she’ll bring so many other outside eyes. Still, that’s something of a surprise.


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