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WWE signs another ex-Impact wrestler

Amanpreet Singh is not only the latest addition to WWE’s developmental roster who hails from India, he also has experience performing on camera. That’s because he spent many of the past several years working for TNA and Impact Wrestling under the name Mahabali Shera.

It’s not as splashy a signing or that well-known a name for most North American wrestling fans, but it’s an interesting one, nonetheless. The fact Singh used to work for Impact was probably low on WWE’s list of considerations when they decided to bring him on board. Not that they’d admit it if it was - they only acknowledge him as “an independent wrestler and bodybuilder” who has “enjoyed success inside the ring in his native India, as well as in the United States and United Kingdom“. Most of that experience came while working for the former TNA, just like the training he received from Al Snow which WWE’s announcement touts.

In addition to his time on Impact, Singh starred in the Indian television series TNA produced Ring Ka King, where he even served as the promotion’s first champion. That, and quotes like this one...

“I came to the U.S. with the dream that someday, I am going to make my country proud. I would consider myself fortunate if I am able to become a positive role model for the youngsters of my country and impact lives. I don’t think I can find a better platform than WWE to empower myself to empower others, especially those back at home.”

... are likely why WWE made him a member of their latest Performance Center class, and the fourth high profile recent Indian signee.

A lot more than that program with Grado, anyway.

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