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John Cena’s feud with Ford takes a shocking turn

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series DAYTONA 500 Photo by Chris Trotman/NASCAR via Getty Images

John Cena has a lot of jobs (as in sources of income, not pro wrestling losses - but he has more of those than he used to, too). As such, we do a lot of stories about him here at Cageside. So we’ll forgive you if you forgot the one about him being sued by Ford for selling a car they gave him before he was supposed to.

Well, funny story about that...

According to the folks at TMZ, who first reported on this Ford vs. Cena program to begin with, the Ferdinand star has asked the judge to dismiss the whole case because - get this - the contract he signed doesn’t say he couldn’t sell the $500,000 limited edition Ford GT in the first place.


If true, there certainly doesn’t seem to be a basis for Ford’s lawsuit. And I think the car giant might want to hire some of Vince McMahon’s lawyers.

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