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On ‘sacrificing’ Elias to Braun Strowman on Raw

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured Elias debuting a new song only for Braun Strowman to respond with one of his own — he sang and everything, using a double bass, no less — before breaking said double bass over Elias’ back. It was great fun.

After, recently announced WWE Hall of Fame Class 2018 inductee Bubba Ray Dudley tweeted this:

Yes, Strowman left him laying in a heap of flesh. Isn’t that the entire point of the Elias character and, more generally, a heel in pro wrestling? The heel has one job: get the babyface over. Elias’s poorly performed songs, running down of fans, and generally deplorable behavior has value only if it ultimately serves to put a babyface over. In this case, that’s Strowman.

Just last week, Elias used Strowman’s finish to score a pinfall over John Cena, stealing the advantage of entering the men’s Elimination Chamber match last. Braun was always coming for him, and there was never going to be anything Elias could do about it in anything resembling a fair fight. He must cheat or otherwise steal a win, just like he did last week, and Strowman must come back to give him his comeuppance, hopefully in the most entertaining way possible, just like he did this week.

I don’t think that’s a sacrifice, I think that’s good wrestling.

After all, Elias can just cheat again next week and the cycle continues.

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