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WWE is teasing one more surprise Cruiserweight title tournament entry, and there’s a (possible spoiler) rumor about who it might be

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Almost the entire field of 16 in DRAKE MAVERICK’s 205 Live Cruiserweight Championship Tournament is set. But there seems to be one more available spot, and the format of the tourney so far and’s official preview for the Feb. 13 episode both hint we might learn who that final entrant will be this evening...

Responding to a tweet from Gentleman Jack Gallagher Friday evening, Maverick seemingly confirmed that Gallagher, Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari and a surprise entrant would be the final four competitors in the first round of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

Although the WWE 205 Live GM’s retweet of Gallagher was a question posed to the WWE Universe about the British Superstar’s opponent, the prospect of a surprise entrant – especially after Strong’s impressive performance last week – is certainly of note.

Will Maverick reveal the final four matches of the first round tonight?”

We’ve been getting two first round bouts a week since the former Rockstar Spud took over three weeks ago, with the participants announced a week in advance. So even without that tease, it stands to reason we should learn about next Tuesday’s final four in a few hours.

Who could join Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari and Gentleman Jack Gallagher on Feb. 20? There one rumor floating around...

This could be a SPOILER, so last warning...

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet says he’s heard talk from a reliable source NXT’s Lio Rush could be brought up to face Gallagher next week.

Rush would be an interesting choice. He’s only been used as enhancement talent on the black-and-yellow brand, but he does have an angle going that’s partially based in the real hot water he found himself in over a tweet after Emma was released by WWE last fall. Listed at 5’ 6” 160 lbs., he certainly fits the physical qualifications, and his acrobatic in-ring style would fit right in with the 205 Live crew, as well. Plus, Gentleman Jack was one of the people who took him to task in October, if you’re looking for a meta-angle.

The 23 year old’s probably handled his public shunning well enough that there wouldn’t be a controversial response to a move to the main roster, but he may not be a very splashy choice for fans who don’t already know his work. But then, the purple brand may be targeting an audience that would be familiar with his independent background now that Triple H is said to be running the show, so...

Tune in to WWE Network, and follow along with us tonight here at cSs, after Mixed Match Challenge at approximately 10:20PM Eastern to find out.

UPDATE: It wasn’t Lio Rush.