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Watch Renee Young’s DIY Raw pre-show, ‘Backstage Pass’

Renee Young’s new experiment in guerrilla broadcasting may come to us live via Instagram, but everyone’s favorite host is making sure even technophobes and old people can watch Backstage Pass by releasing it on her YouTube channel.

The ten minute show is no Talking Smack, or even Smacking Talk (needs more Sweet Beetz), but it’s pretty fun for a first run - once you get past a few queasy moments when RY switches her phone into selfie mode. There are no bombshell announcements, and seeing a pre-show after the show it was “pre” is a little anti-climatic. But it’s interesting to actually take a walk backstage through departments like make-up and wardrobe. We see Cesaro fueling up, Nia Jax meeting with a creative team member about the script and meet with Sarath “Mikaze” Ton to talk about his wife’s outfits!

Let us know what you think about Renee’s work-in-progress new venture, and head over to her Instagram for the before-SmackDown edition - where maybe DB will make an appearance! Or at least we might learn if Paige got her bra fixed...

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