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The rumored details of the allegedly ‘sweetheart deal’ Dolph Ziggler supposedly signed to stay with WWE

Sorry to bombard you with disclaimer adjectives and adverbs, but indie wrestler/podcaster Bin Hamin is not a scoopz source with which I’m familiar. So while I was very interested in the item credited to him in the Feb. 13 Rumor Roundup, you know... regular rumor caveats apply.

My interest stems from the topic of the “news” Hamin shared on The Locker Room podcast yesterday - Dolph Ziggler, and a new contract which supposedly will keep him in WWE for two more years.

Dolph was once an internet darling fans desperately wanted to see pushed to the top of the mountain. He was basically the Rusev of 2012. Now? The Show-Off certainly still has his fans, but he’s worn out his welcome for many. And people complaining about him became an even bigger part of his act last year. Ziggler’s was always a ‘Reality’ Era character, in that he emphasized “stealing the show” as much as kayfabe wins and losses. Backstage reports on his WWE status have almost become a part of the gimmick, as we’ve been through cycles of Dolph publicly hinting he might walk due to not being appreciated by the company, the public or both... before he re-signs and sticks around for more of the same.

What made him allegedly decide to stay this time? According to Bin:

“Here’s the inside scoop that I’ve kinda been told.

After Ziggler laid down the title and went away for 30 days, silently came back as No. 30 in the Rumble, and then tossed out kinda useless. He was already kinda two feet out the door, and it was at the 11th hour that they made him another offer he can’t refuse. Big money, and the fact that, now that he’ll stay, he’s willing to put anybody over, do jobs – whatever, on TV, and he can leave after his matches, he doesn’t need to stick around the arena, and he can take outside projects as long as they don’t conflict with his schedule.

Kinda the sweetheart deal, you know, I’m willing to stay a little bit longer because you met my price.”

Again, take it with a grain of salt. Time will tell - maybe as early as tonight’s SmackDown, where we see if he’s in line for a title shot in a Fatal 4Way at Fastlane in Columbus, Ohio on March 11, or if he puts over Baron Corbin. Now that this report is out there and getting attention, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear Dolph make a veiled reference to it in a promo, either. He may have already started after last week’s match announcement by Shane McMahon:

And if it is true? Everyone will have a take, but mine is: good for him. Everyone involved in this crazy business gets caught up in wins, losses and pre-determined accolades. I may not love Ziggler’s schtick, but if he’s enjoying himself, making enough money to secure his future and take steps toward whatever he’s interested in doing after wrestling? More power to him.

Now if WWE could write stories that make sense for him to take part in as opposed to an unheralded return a month after an indignant walkout?

That would be great.

H/T: for podcast transcription

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