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Braun Strowman counters Elias with his own singing performance

Braun Strowman is not finished with you Elias. In a surreal scene, tonight (Feb. 12) on Raw Braun Strowman hit Elias where it hurt the most.

After Elias made it nearly all the way to the end of his ‘Elimination Chamber Blues’ power ballad, Jojo took to the mic and introduced everyone to The Monster Among Men.

Strowman to his credit had a microphone, instrument and a spotlight to call his own ready to go.

Of course Strowman would own an over-sized cello. The same man who knows how to work a grappling hook, and a classic string instrument, then sang to Elias.

The only thing Braun Strowman could do to top his self composed diss track was to beat Elias senseless with that over sized cello.

Then he did and it was almost as beautiful as his lyrics.

Thank you Monster, thank you.

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