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Bayley upsets Sasha Banks then immediately gets destroyed by Nia Jax


Friend or frenemy? Tonight (Feb. 12) on Raw, Sasha Banks and Bayley were matched up with pride on the line.

In her hometown of San Jose, the best version of Bayley came out. The two wrestlers have natural in-ring chemistry with each other and for a television match it was a solid outing from both Banks and Bayley.

In back and forth match, both women unloaded their arsenal on one another. Following a close Banks Statement, Sasha Banks went for a high risk maneuver but got caught in a lightening quick Bayley to Belly suplex off the second rope.

After Bayley’s upset win, the two women were on the verge of hugging or slapping each other in the face before Nia Jax ran in and destroyed both of them. Problem solved?

Does the Bayley-Sasha Banks make it another week? Will the BFFs team-up one more time to deal with Nia Jax?

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