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John Morrison: There are a lot of cool match-ups waiting for me in WWE

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From the above interview:

“There’s a lot of cool match-ups that are waiting for me in the WWE. I’d love to teach Roman Reigns how to work. Just kidding. Seth Rollins. Unfinished business with The Miz. It’d be fun to get back in there and maybe do some Dirt Sheet episodes with him. Me, Miz, Ziggler and Zack Ryder would have a hell of a faction I think. I’ve never really had a long program with Cena. That’d be a fun one. I have a feeling that Daniel Bryan will be back when he gets cleared.”

That’s a fun shot at Reigns — especially considering Roman’s body of work, jokes aside — and while Morrison may not be a star on that level, those are definitely some fun looking match-ups.