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DRAKE MAVERICK was the right man for the job

Word got out not long ago that Vince McMahon has turned over control of 205 Live to Triple H, whose first order of business was to take the program away from big personalities and back toward a presentation more in line with the Cruiserweight Classic. That included the announcement of the first ever General Manager, the artist formerly known as Rockstar Spud, who now goes by the name DRAKE MAVERICK.

So far, he’s been the right man for the job, not just because he’s an entertaining performer in this role but because he is now working as a tireless promoter for the show he’s in charge of.

There’s a lot more where that came from.

Kurt Angle (Monday Night Raw) and Daniel Bryan (SmackDown Live) are able to focus more on whatever angles/feuds they are involved in on their respective shows. MAVERICK, meanwhile, is tasked with actually making people care about his show in the first place.

So far, he’s doing a hell of a job with it.

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