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Titus O’Neil has a great attitude on his spot in WWE

Titus O’Neil may not be one of the bigger stars on the WWE roster, and that may never be the case before he calls it a career, but you won’t hear him complain about it. Instead, he’s using his position to do as much good as he can while he can, and keeping it all in perspective the entire way.

Here’s what he told The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling:

“The first couple of years I would get frustrated if I wasn’t in a certain position. But now it doesn’t matter what position I’m in because I am apart of the largest sports and entertainment company when it comes to wrestling in the world and I have so many things I can do within this company on multiple platforms that whether I am a champion or not I am going to be me and if being me yields opportunity than I am all for it but if they don’t I’m still all for it because at the end of the day it’s longevity. I’ve been here longer than a lot of the people wrestled their entire lives that came to the WWE for just a couple of years and they wouldn’t help me when I first got here. They were jerks and they are not here anymore but I am still here.

”You take pride in that there are other people around you that are working their ass off week in and week out backstage, back in Stamford, around the world to make this product the best they possibly can and to make it be presented the best way they possibly can and I take pride in that. Sometimes when I come to work and I’m not booked I used to get pissed off but I say cool I’ll just go do something else because I came here to work. I didn’t come here to eat catering or just hang out (because) I am away from my family and I am away from my friends and the different things that I do (my businesses) and I am not going to come up here just to like coast through. I can do a million other things and make great money doing them but while I am here with WWE I am going to be the greatest asset I can possibly be to the company and I think that is echoed by Apollo and by Dana and fortunately for all of us we have found something for all of us inside Titus Worldwide and we can have fun, the people around us can have fun and we can go out and just be ourselves.”

Your mileage may vary but it’s hard to dispute O’Neil has made the most of his minutes, from his work with Darren Young in the Prime Time Players, to his time on 205 Live, to what he’s doing now with Dana Brooke and Apollo Crews in Titus Worldwide. He doesn’t have to work at the top of the card to entertain us, right?

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