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Bray Wyatt helps a lost mom at Walmart find his action figure


This is the best Bray Wyatt story. This is also a story that could happen to any of our moms. Courtesy of WWE artist Rob Schamberger, we get the story of a mom looking to buy some WWE action figures at Walmart.

Then our lost mom unknowingly runs into Bray Wyatt, who is super cool about being a helpful shopper.

“Follow the buzzards to aisle 13.”

“Why thank you young man.”

At least that’s how hope the conversation between Wyatt and our lost mom went. Maybe throw in The Eaters of World spider-walking over to the WWE toy section and we’re all set.

The face when you just recruited another firefly in the toy section of your local Walmart.

How cool is Bray Wyatt?

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