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Kenny Omega thinks the world of The New Day, and it’s got Big E in his feelings

While it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get a New Day vs. The Elite match or feud - for a variety of reasons - there’s a lot of history between Kenny Omega and The Princes of Positivity.

The New Japan star has a ton of admiration for Xavier Wood, Kofi Kingston and Big E, too. As he explained in a Sports Illustrated interview recently, he watches them closely:

“They’re three of my favorite guys in the entire company [WWE]. They clearly know how to entertain, and they’re all great athletes.

When I see Big E, I clearly see someone who could be world champion. The guy is on another level. Kofi is one of those guys who is good in all situations and can challenge for all titles, and Xavier is another great athlete who is talented in the ring and confident on the mic.”

The business side of the story is that seeing WWE not push New Day beyond their current place as a marketable tag team serves as a bit of a cautionary tale for Kenny when he thinks about possibly jumping from NJPW when his contract is up next year. “It’s things like that that really make me think twice about what I would be getting into if eventually I do go there,” he told SI.

The personal side is, E was very excited when someone shared Omega’s quote with him:

Hopefully someday these crazy kids can get together.

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