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WWE’s promoting Heath Slater’s refereeing gig as one of Raw’s top stories

Is anyone calling their lapsed or casual fan friend and saying “You’ve got to tune in this week! The guy from 3MB might referee!”?

Look. I love a good undercard angle. I’m still hyped for the inevitable Bobby Roode/Chad Gable feud that will precede one or both of them drifting off to wherever Mojo Rawley, Apollo Crews and Aiden English hang out these days.

But a week away from the last event of 2018, on a show which should be getting all the pieces in place for the most important three-four month stretch of your schedule, should one of the five biggest stories on your flagship show be about the guy from a comedy tag team who’s being forced to become a referee?

From the official preview for Mon., Dec. 10’s episode:

Heath Slater officially begins new career path

Thanks to a cruel stipulation ordered by Raw “General Manager-Elect” Baron Corbin, Heath Slater defeated Rhyno to keep his job on the red brand, leading to the firing of his longtime friend. As Rhyno departed Raw for the last time, Slater was approached by Corbin, who informed the saddened Superstar that he would stay on Team Red not as a Superstar, but as a referee. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with The One-Man Band, but a job is a job. He’s got kids, after all.

Will we see Slater officiate his first match?”

The explanation for why that is one of Raw’s biggest stories only reinforces why Raw has been critically reviled over the past several weeks. Baron Corbin and his power-mad quest to become full-time GM has been the overarching plot line on Monday nights for... too long now.

Will I pop when Slater & Rhyno somehow cost Corbin his TLC match with Braun Strowman at TLC on Dec. 16 in San Jose? Yes.

Will it be because the little guys are helping to give the villain his comeuppance in the story, or because the story is finally over? I guess it doesn’t really matter.

But that some part of my reaction will be because I hate the angle they’ve been giving us for weeks is a problem. That’s also why it’s an issue that Slater’s new job is a featured element of Monday’s show.

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