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Matt Hardy says he’ll be back ‘sooner rather than later’, teases ‘an evolution’ for Bray Wyatt

Matt Hardy has done some work as a producer backstage and tweeted about wanting to be Raw General Manager. After some scary sounding reports about his medical condition and retirement teases from the man himself, we were getting the impression we’d seen the last of Matt in the ring.

Not so, says the Woken One.

While on a WWE promotional of India, Hardy shot down the idea that he’s done wrestling. He also teased a new wrinkle for his character, and possibly for the man he was tagging with during his last run on Raw - Bray Wyatt:

“No, it’s not. I took time off to heal some nagging injuries and I’ll be back sooner rather than later. So, I’ve been doing this twenty-six years. I was just a little beat up. I was given a little time off. From when I’ve been back, for over a year and half, I was full time. I did everything. Jeff was off with the surgery, so just had a little bit of time off.

I think Bray needed a little time off. He’d had a car accident. So, I think it was just a little bit of time off for everyone. So, I think you’ll see an evolution of Bray Wyatt and an evolution of Matt Hardy.”

Bray’s return has been teased and rumored for a while, but we hadn’t really considered that it again be part of an alliance with Matt - or that the elder Hardy would be back at all, outside of WWE Network holiday specials from his compound.

But hearing this, and seeing him chase a production assistant and bust some moves on Indian Idol...

Who knows?

What do you think the future holds for Samael & Zenith, Woken Warriors?

H/T: PWInsider for the quote

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