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Elias hasn’t won a match on WWE pay-per-view in 2018

One of the biggest issues currently facing WWE is its lack of strong babyfaces. This is especially evident on Monday Night Raw, where the absence of Roman Reigns and the mishandling of Braun Strowman have left a big gap at the top. The mid-card isn’t much better, with a should-be big time star like Finn Balor struggling just to maintain relevance.

What about Elias?

He does great character work on a remarkably consistent basis and while you likely can’t think of a great Elias match off the top of your head, you could say the same for many. He’s as good a candidate as any for a top spot.

About that...

In its own preview for his upcoming match against Bobby Lashley at TLC, had this to say:

“Now, the strumming Superstar will be out to sing a melody of pure retribution for the attack and to close the year right with his first pay-per-view win of 2018.”

That’s right, folks, Elias has yet to win a match on PPV all year. WWE couldn’t have possibly foreseen the circumstances that led to the situation the promotion currently finds itself in, but Elias has been a popular performer from the moment he was brought up to the main roster. Whether working as a heel or a babyface, you’d think that would amount to winning a match or two on PPV.

You’d be wrong!

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