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Yep, Becky Lynch went there

Context here and here.

It was, of course, Charlotte Flair being given an opportunity to earn a way into the SmackDown Women’s title picture immediately upon her return from surgery to fix her ruptured implant which led to the birth of the character we now call The Man. So there’s a nice symmetry to Becky Lynch publicly extinguishing Flair’s soul over the same issue like this.

UPDATE: Charlotte offered a solid response. It’s definitely better than anything Ronda Rousey would have given us. The Queen both points to a loophole in the Badlass’ “misseed [sic] ONE Smackdown” claim and taunts her about the possibility of missing next weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV) - something Lynch has sworn won’t happen.

It still doesn’t have the WOW factor of calling out plastic surgery-related hypocrisy, but it’s good:

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