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Find you someone who loves you like Big E loves this burrito chain

Couple weeks back, we had a good little “Hey, that’s not PG!” chuckle in the Cageside Seats offices about this tweet from The New Day’s Big E:

We thought that was the end of it. Just another quick hitter from a man we affectionally sometimes call “Creep-E”. File the Pancheros love away with macking on Natalya’s sister, whatever went down in that bathroom with Kaitlyn, and the endless hip gyrations.

But this Hawkeye’s love of a burrito joint whose first location was in Iowa City is no mere trifle! Big Wool even got YouTube star Austin Creed (aka The New Day’s Xavier Woods) to cut a longer video dedicated to his love affair with the chain, set to the exuberant rhythms of The Pointer Sisters:

Sadly, none of Pancheros 71 nationwide locations are near me, but thanks to E’s steamy public love affair with their burritos, I’ll be making a side-trip the next time I head to Philly. And they can thank some PG-13 tweets from our favorite WWE musclebound weirdo for the business.

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