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Alexa Bliss announces a bad segment for Raw

Seemingly unaware that (a) Ronda Rousey & Nia Jax’s promo exchange on Raw two weeks ago was really bad and (b) BOTH the Q & A sessions she hosted with Sasha Banks & Bayley were really bad, the head of the Raw Women’s division has announced that next Monday, we’ll get a segment which combines the two! confirmed that Ronda & Nia will answer questions in a segment on the TLC ‘go home’ show this Monday (Dec. 10).

Even with a talented mic worker like Alexa Bliss involved, this seems like a really, really bad idea. For one thing, having an emcee ask fan-submitted questions of the participants... that isn’t how press conferences work. For another, Rousey & Jax have not proven to be talented mic workers, and while Alexa is, history’s shown us that she’s no match for the poor scripts she’s sometimes handed.

This just can’t break down into a brawl fast enough.

But maybe Nia and Rowdy will surprise us, and this won’t be all awkward smiling, alliterative nicknames and forced references to “#Facebreaker”.

Or even if they are who we think they are and this is every bit as bad as we fear, at least Bliss will be serving her latest “Harleen Quinzel: Regional Manager” look. I don’t know about you, but those have been my favorite part of Raw the past few weeks.

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