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Becky Lynch vows to wrestle at TLC

SmackDown Women’s champ Becky Lynch has been telling us she’s out of doctor jail, but word started to spread yesterday she’d only been moved to house arrest. And The Man doesn’t want any doubters or haters (cough * Ronnie * cough) to take that as a sign she won’t be at TLC to defend her title in a Triple Threat against Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter said WWE doctors have cleared Lynch from the concussion she received from a Nia Jax punch on the Nov. 12 Raw, but not the broken nose that resulted from that same punch. It’s possible that both Lynch and Dave Meltzer are right; there’s more than a week until the Dec. 16 pay-per-view (PPV) in San Jose, so plenty of time to get cleared.

Also, there were reports from Ft. Hood saying Becky wrestled at the Tribute To The Troops taping. That could either mean Meltzer’s report is old/wrong, or that her work in a tag match this past Tuesday was structured to ensure she didn’t do anything she wasn’t cleared for, like bumping or taking any offense directed at her head.

It also possible WWE is just being extra careful with the health of the woman who is currently their hottest star.

We’ll know soon enough. For now, I’m taking The Man’s word on this... and every other topic she cares to weigh in on.

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