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Report: WWE considering a Queen Of The Ring tournament for 2019 PPV

Everybody loves a tournament.

One of the simplest storytelling methods in pro wrestling is put together a bracket and have your roster chase after a common goal. At one time in WWE history the King of the Ring tournament was one of the promotion’s ‘big five’ pay-per-views.

The King of the Ring gimmick died a lonely death in 2002. From 2006-2015, WWE brought back the tournament on four separate occasions, with Bad News Barrett defeating Neville in order to capture the last crown.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and recommended) Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is talking about resurrecting the King of the Ring tournament for the next all women’s pay-per-view.

“An idea being talked about for 2019 would be a Queen of the Ring tournament with the main roster women. At this point it’s just an idea thrown around but they are looking for ideas for a second all women’s PPV show next year. With how well the first one was received, one would think they’d want to do at least one a year.”


If WWE introduced a Queen of the Ring tournament, featuring eight to 16 wrestlers, what changes could they make to the old King of the Ring format?

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