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Rusev and Asuka debate the merits of Mt. Fuji

We have no idea what is going here but we’re into it.

It is a good time to be a fan of SmackDown stars Asuka and Rusev. It is even a better time to watch them interact on social media.

Asuka is right in the middle of feud over Becky Lynch’s SmackDown women’s title, along with Charlotte Flair. While this past Tuesday night, WWE gave fans of Rusev a small glimmer of hope when they let him cut an amazing promo.

With all that being said, this right here is some of Asuka and Rusev’s best work.

Of course Asuka responded and even used some emojis on top of all of it.

At the end of day isn’t that all we really want? Pro wrestling fans just want to see their favorite characters coming together in new and interesting ways.

With all due respect to Lana, today (Dec. 6) on this Rusev Day, Asuka is the best, Asuka is number one.

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