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Matt Riddle gets honest on why he was fired by the UFC

If pro wrestling has an ‘it factor’ it sure does feel like Matt Riddle has it, bro.

In case you missed it, WWE has a new series of videos and a dedicated YouTube channel that focused on the behind the scenes happenings at the Performance Center. One feature that is now three episodes in is called Arrival and it chronicles Matt Riddle signing with WWE then moving his family to Orlando, Florida.

Yes, the same company that brought the past month’s worth of Monday night Raw’s is also doing fantastic work highlighting the life of one of NXT’s newest wrestlers. In third episode of Arrival, Riddle goes in-depth on how and why he was fired from the UFC.

Riddle gets really candid and then emotional when he talks about not having a way to provide for his family.

Over on NXT’s weekly show, Riddle is a few episodes into the series and building his feud with Kassius Ohno.

For those unfamiliar with Matt Riddle’s work in MMA and on the indies, what is your opinion of him in NXT so far?

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