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New Ronda Rousey video series makes it easy to root for her

This is the version of Ronda Rousey that should be presented on WWE television.

We see this all the time in WWE, where the company has a great natural character/performer and then creative kind of boxes them in. On Raw, Rousey is learning on the job in the ring, on the mic and in backstage segments.

Right now Rousey’s strength is inside the squared circle where her natural talents and athleticism have been able to shine through. During promos and other bits in front of the camera, the current Raw women’s champions still has a ways to go.

Sure, Rousey has had a few great moments on the mic here and there, but overall she just needs more reps in that part of her game.

Which brings us to Rousey’s new YouTube channel. In the comfort of her own video space, Rousey makes for a fantastic babyface. This isn’t just the magic of editing but when Rousey is able to speak freely in front of a camera she comes off as a human being fans would want to get behind.

Contrast that to Monday nights, where Rousey’s character work is still finding itself and at times just all over the place.

It’s hard to make the case for WWE loosing up the reigns on a pro wrestling rookie but maybe they should let Rousey be herself more rather than how her character has been written thus far.

In some of her previous video blogs, Rousey has opened up about a few of WWE’s creative decisions and even showed kayfabe busting emotions in another.

For pro wrestling fans on the fence about cheering for the UFC crossover star, this is the top of content that could sway your opinion.

Closing in on a year since her debut at the 2018 Royal Rumble, how can WWE and Ronda Rousey improve her connection with fans and doubters alike?

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