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Becky Lynch’s Royal Rumble Axxess session sells out fast

As Mugatu would say, “that Becky Lynch is so hot right now”.

This isn’t news to wrestling fans, of course. Many of us loved Lynch as a plucky underdog and REALLY LOVE her as a take-no-prisoners Badlass champion. Wrestling fans are who goes to WWE ‘Big 4’ pay-per-view (PPV) events, and we’re certainly the ones rearranging our schedules and/or flying into town early for VIP meet and greets.

So it figures Becky’s Royal Rumble Axxess session on Fri., Jan. 25 in Phoenix would be a hit. But for it to sellout in somewhere between 90 seconds and 4 minutes? Dang, girl.

Twitter noted it first (and as of this writing, Lynch’s is still the only session you can’t get tickets for):

Alerting The Man, who let everybody know that she knows:

Do what you do, Bex (and that includes claiming WWE is against you and dunking on Ronnie - don’t listen to what any of those internet knowitalls say)... we’ll buy tickets to see you do it.

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